Creating a perfect cleavage…with a little bit of help

Women are always being bombarded with ideas of how to enhance our cleavage, particularly if we were at the back of the queue when boobies were being handed out. Push up bras, dresses designed to create the illusion of curves, even the famous chicken fillets are all ways to help enhance what nature gave us.

But what about the well endowed amongst us. What can we do to showcase our best assets in the best possible light? I was recently contacted by Brit Bloggers who were interested to see if I wanted to take part in a simple little experiment on behalf of Panache lingerie. Panache, a brand I love and have featured on Fashion-Mommy in the past, create sexy, attractive and supportive superbras for those of us with ‘big boobs’. They were interested in testing out a key beauty tip.  The trick of applying bronzer to the decolletage is a trick adopted by ladies to help enhance the chest area. Panache was keen to know if it actually makes a difference…

And so, armed with the Queen of Fake Tan, St Tropez, exfoliation mitts to buff and prepare the school before I added the glow, and an utterly glamourous Superbra Melody Ruby by Panache, I was ready to see if a little bit of a glow could improve the look of my cleavage.

I must be honest and say I did hit a few problems. My skin is fairly pale, bordering on a pinkish shade, whilst my tanning kit was medium to dark skin, so I felt that I had to apply it sparingly, or else end up looking like a worse for wear Jordan. I don’t usually wear fake tan, preferring a natural look, so there was a lot of trial and error about how much to apply, and how much was frankly too much. But eventually I achieved a colour that was more like glowing, healthy skin than anything radioactive, and so it was onto the next stage.

Panache bras are frankly a dream to wear and a total godsend for women with a larger bust who still want to wear really beautiful bras.  The design I chose. the Melody balconnet style, offered support and uplift, without the feeling of constriction and scaffolding that is often uncomfortable. I also loved the fact that this bra came in colour, rather than black, white and nude. I had chosen the ruby shade which was a real, rich and vibrant red, and the embroidery which makes up part of the design was simply exquisite. Everything about this bra was perfect. It was comfortable, it was vibrant and it was super sexy. I loved it.

So now everything was ready, the Panache bra was on, and the bronzing had been achieved – in a fashion. Would this really make any difference? In a word, yes. There is no doubt that you feel healthier with a bit of a tan, and your cleavage seems to look plumper too. The general appearance of your skin is better, clearer with a pretty glow, But I think the great bra is really doing all the work, and that you could easily achieve the same sort of effect with bronzing powder and a soft blusher brush.

Just a little peep of cleavage - this is a mommy blog!!!

With thanks to Brit Bloggers for inviting me to be a part of this project.


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4 thoughts on “Creating a perfect cleavage…with a little bit of help

  1. I do fake tan my legs in early spring & late autumn, to be able to wear dresses without feeling I want to pull the hemline down. As far as bras are concerned I am a little on the busty side (menopause is to blame). I try and go for a balconette bra in terms of style and fit. I generally shop at Bravissimo. They ship out to the States and are pretty quick on delivery. Can you believe all my bras in my drawer are PANACHE! apart from one (Freya). Great bras great fit and as you say for the woman whose assests are obvious supportive as well as feminine!

    • Lucky lady! I’m planning to make all my bras Panache too. Often find supportive bras very restrictive, but Panache are so soft and comfy too. Think I will be fake tanning this year, felt healthier with the glow.

  2. Never tried Panache, but will definitely be giving them a look as yet another busty lady who reads this blog.

    • Would highly recommend them Jackie, very pretty bras that really offer good support.

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