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Creating An Industrial Style Look For Your Home

It would one have been a strange concept to try to create an industrial style space in your home. Homes were meant to be warm and cosy, and in terms of decor, that meant Chintz , carpets and curtains in deep colours and fabrics like draylon and velour, and rooms that were, quite frankly full of clutter.

But with the rise in all manner of industrial buildings and factories being redeveloped and redesigned as trendy living spaces, a move towards more minimal and industrial living spaces are growing in popularity. Areas like Docklands in London and Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter have seen derelict buildings given tasteful makeovers that keep the style and traditional nature of the buildings but make them habitable and highly desirable.

If you are looking to bring some of this industrial style into your home, here are a few ways to incorporate the style.

Add A Lift

There is nothing more industrial than adding a lift to your living space, particularly if it is one that uses lots of glass and chrome. As well as making it easier for those with mobility issues, a lift can be a seriously stylish statement piece for your own.  Axess2 Lifts make this staple of the office block  it into something that not only suits residential properties, but positively enhances them, a central focus point to any room, or corridor/landing space. You can adapt the lift to suit your space, but with different finishings and flooring available to suit your existing decor.

Add Brick Slips.

Brick Slips, also sometimes called brick effect tiles, are a way of getting that exposed brick look without actually having a bare wall. They look attractive and realistic, and have that rustic feel which is just perfect if your real brickwork has seen better days, or if your wall is an internal one.

Metal Units

Another way of creating that factory space is by using metalwork for features like shelving units and tables.  Look for artisans who create pieces using industrial and household waste in order to create a striking, modern look with plenty of talking points.

Hunt in those Junk Shops!

You can accessorize your industrial space by taking a look in junk shops and antique stores. Look for items like old tools, vintage tins and cans and old crates that can be used for a number of purposes  from a low coffee table to storage solutions. Station style clocks and culinder style light fittings will also add to the feel. You may even be able to pick up a genuine clocking off machine, a real piece of industrial history!

Other Ideas

Keeping your home fairly open plan, having mezzanine floors and keeping floors clean and bare will all help create that industrial style in your home.

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