Creating Memories From Scratch: Christmas Craft Ideas for the Whole Family


GarlandIt’s not easy finding the perfect Christmas decoration. Most people either spend too much money and aren’t totally satisfied with their purchase or they don’t spend enough, and lament over the near non-existence of decorations. Here’s how to make the perfect gifts from scratch and get everything you’ve ever wanted without spending a fortune.

The Softball Ornament

This one is easy. Go down to a sporting goods store and pick up a softball. Now, wrap it up in leftover fabric to make a unique ornament. The best ornaments will be wrapped in brightly-colored, Christmas-themed, fabrics. Use crafter’s glue to hold the fabric in place.

Attach a string to one side of the ball, preferably where the fabric comes together. Tie it off with a bow or get some ribbon to make it look pretty.

Now you have something you can hang on your tree or give to a friend or loved one.


Welcome Guests to Your Home

If you’re struggling with ideas on how to decorate your home, start with the hallway. It’s the first thing people see when they come to your home.

You can give your guests a dramatic welcome by placing a pair of inexpensive plastic urns at the front door. You can pick these urns up at most garden centres, and dress them up with miniature Christmas trees. And, if you don’t want to purchase miniature trees, break off a few branches from a pine or similar tree.

Decorate it, and they will become quaint little “Charlie Brown Christmas trees”.

Easy Table Toppers

You have two choices here:

  1. Go out to a Black Friday event and pick up pine cone Christmas decorations. Or;
  2. Make them yourself. Most people can find pine cones out in the front garden or in a local park.

Once you gather up a few cones, you can dry them out, spritz them with cinnamon essential oils, and then glue them together. Put a decorative garland underneath each cone and it becomes a pro-grade table topper.


Splurge On Raw Materials and Snake Ideas from Boutique Stores

OK, there are times when you just have to attend in-store events for ideas. It might even be a good idea to splurge and buy some decorations – especially if you find something that’s way beyond your crafting abilities.

But, really, the reason to go to a Black Friday event or pick up some Black Friday deals is to get ideas, and maybe some raw materials for your decorations.

Example: Let’s say you waltz into a high end department store. You know you’re not going to buy anything because a wooden apple costs £20, and a hand towel will set you back at least £50.

But, you see a centerpiece that’s basically a serving dish with fruit in it. The arrangement is pretty unique. Is it something that could inspire you to make something similar? Probably. If you make some time and with a bit of planning, you could probably even come up with something better, unique and something that compliments your style


Deena Nelson has been running local craft workshops for years and likes to share her tips and ideas with an online audience as well. She is frequent contributor for a number of craft and lifestyle websites.

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