Creating The Perfect Games Room For A Winter Staycation

You might be planning what to do during the half term holidays or perhaps even during the Christmas holidays, but with everything that’s going on, going abroad doesn’t seem as exciting as it used to. Perhaps you want to save some money for a much needed family holiday next year but still want to do something nice with your children during the holidays – what about creating a family games room and enjoy some time together at home?

A games room is a space to relax, a space that “can be your reward for a hard day’s work” as this article mentions. It will be a space that the whole family can enjoy together, perfect for some great quality family time, where you can create happy memories, practice teamwork plus teaching your kids about healthy competition while you play! But how to get around to creating a games room?

Start by planning and brainstorming.

 First, you need to think about which area you’re going to transform into a games room. This could be a spare room that you are using as storage (good time to declutter!) or perhaps a garage or attic that isn’t being used. Then, get your family together and brainstorm some ideas of what you would like the games room to look like, everything from colours and styles to games and furniture. After all, it’s a space for all of you to enjoy.

The dream!

 Games, games and more games.

It’s in the name of the room, games room. So, picking the right games is the most important thing. I’d recommend choosing a centrepiece for your games room, the main attraction, something that will impress friends and family when they visit – a snooker table from Hamilton Billiards for instance. Then, I’d choose a few other games, such as board games, games consoles or whatever other games you love! Classic foosball tables would be a great addition!”

Find the right accessories.

Are you going for an 80s themed games room or perhaps an ultra-futuristic games room? Finding the right accessories might be tricky if you are on a budget but with websites such as Freecycle, you can find furniture and other accessories that you can upcycle and make it your own! Think about lighting, seating, storage and perhaps a mini-fridge for some cold drinks and snacks.

Put it together.

 Once you’ve got your games and accessories picked, it’s time to transform your spare room into a games room. Larger Family Life recommends involving the whole family while putting the games room together. After all, it’s the last step before the games can begin!

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