Creating your child’s perfect bedroom

A question – do you have children? Yes? Another question – when was the last time you had a good night’s sleep? For many parents, me included, a good night’s sleep is that elusive beast that is very much dependent on whether your child sleeps well. So many children find it difficult to sleep the night in their own bed, making their way into yours once, twice, sometimes three times in a night. What to do about it?

A good way to help children stay in their own rooms is to create the perfect bedroom space. Making the bedroom somewhere where they want to spend their time is really important, and can aid a good night’s sleep. Here are a few essentials that can help create a perfect little hideaway for your child.

The bed

Children’s beds can be a minefield. Do you have a full-sized bed, or a mini child’s bed that only lasts for a few years and then needs changing again? What about if your child shares a room? I think the perfect answer lies in bunk beds. Bunk beds save space for children who have to share their bedroom, leaving plenty of room to play. But they are also great for those lucky enough to have their own room. Friends can have a sleepover, mom or dad can take a bunk if children are ill, and for really young children it leaves a space for teddy to sleep, making them feel less alone.

Add some light

Many children have a real fear of the dark, so a child friendly night-light is an absolute must.  The best sort are the ones that a child can control themselves, the soft push button ones are perfect. Ikea do a range where the button glows even when the lamp is unlit, meaning the child can have control of the light. There are also Disney character and animal designs that are very comforting and familiar to children.

Choose that bed quilt carefully

A cautionary tale. My son was absolutely crazy on Fireman Sam last year, so much that he had every single toy for Christmas. He also had the duvet for his bed. His fixation on Sam lasted around four months – he no longer likes or watches Sam now, and refuses to sleep in the bed, wanting Postman Pat instead.

When choosing a duvet, try to avoid that whole character theme if possible. Children are very fickle and quickly move onto another TV programme/film. Instead try to be broad in your choices; a general pirate theme will have more longevity  than ‘Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Similarly, something like Hello Kitty seems to appeal to both little girls, and much bigger girls, so is a fairly safe choice.

These are just a few ideas to help your child see their room as their own haven, and thus the perfect place to get a good night’s sleep, which may just aid your sleep too!

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