Creating Your Perfect Family Garden Space

Are you itching to get your garden ready for when the sun finally makes a reappearance?  Are you thinking about how you can make the most of your outdoor space?  

Creating a garden that the whole family can use together, and satisfying everyone’s needs, can be tricky.  So, here’s a few ideas to help you create your perfect family garden space.

A space to eat and be together

Spending quality time as a family is always important, and so the garden space needs to reflect that.  A space where you can eat as a family in the summertime and just be together, makes sense.  Decking is a great way to create a social space in your garden.  It’s not too difficult to install, and if it’s maintained properly, it can last a good number of years.  

Once you’ve got your garden decking installed, you’ve got the perfect area to put your outdoor dining furniture or seating.  Make it extra special by adding some planters and outdoor lights, rugs and cushions.

Improving the green spaces

If your green spaces are looking a bit flat or empty, there’s plenty of ways to brighten things up.  You could add tall grasses and ornamental fruit trees, or group different sized planters together.  

It’s a good idea to combine seasonal plants with evergreens so that you don’t have bare areas of the garden through the winter months.

A suitable play area

No family garden is complete without an area for the kids to run around in. This is usually the lawn, but don’t settle for a square patch.  Shaping a lawn and adding some curves can make your garden look more interesting and even help it to feel bigger.

As well as the lawn, you could think about adding a playhouse or den to one of the corners of your garden.  Make it a magical and secret space by hiding it behind some small trees or shrubs, and create a little winding path or stepping-stones leading up to it.

A place to relax and enjoy the peace

As well as a good space for the kids to play, there should be an area where you can go to. A space to enjoy a bit of down time.  Use an opposite corner of the garden to the children’s play den.  Again, you could screen this area off with some clever planting.  Or you could raise it up on a tiered platform to enjoy a view of the garden from the comfort of your bench or chair.

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