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Creative Office Spaces can improve productivity

For anyone who works full time in an office environment, your office space is very important. You can be spending up to eight hours per day in this particular environment, often sitting at the same desks, on the same chair, looking at the same furniture and surroundings. Therefore, it stands to reason that if we have bright and vibrant office furniture in our office space, but also have good levels of comfort to address the fact we may be sitting for long periods of time, this has to be a good thing in terms of our work rate and output.

Office space is very important.–When you’re working, you want to be engaged in doing your tasks, and enjoy yourself as you put all of your skills forward, from the moment you begin your working day to the moment it ends. According to, this is exactly why you should ensure that your working space is cosy and friendly, giving your employees positive and supportive vibes to help them do their best during the working day. If you have the opportunity to rent working space, you should always choose something that you think will make everyone feel peaceful and ready to work, ensuring that you can make the interior look energetic but not distracting.

Business First backed this up totally, saying:-

“we tend to spend around eight hours a day in the offices we work in; almost as much time as we spend in our homes. And the places we spend our time in contribute hugely to shaping who we are and how we behave. This effect on our behaviour in turn has a massive impact on our mental well-being and performance in terms of creativity and productivity.”

(Read the full article here.)


Calibre are office furniture specialists who can work with your needs whether you are looking to replace key pieces of office furniture, add or update your current office storage, or completely restyle your office. They too understand that a great environment can lead to a boost in workers morale, and design their office furniture with this in mind, with desks and chairs that range from the ultra modern, glossy form of design, to the traditional, classically designed ‘chairman of the board’ style desk that wouldn’t look out of place in any boardroom. They have communal style desks, to individual work stations. These can be teamed with a range of chairs, including ecologically sound designs, and seats specifically designed in an ergonomic way in order to ensure the maximum in comfort and to ensure a better well being for the person who will sit on it for a number of hours each week.


As someone who has worked in an environment where I had my own office, I can honestly say that the environment you work in has an impact on how you work. Whether than impact is positive or negative is often down to the space – is it dire or does it inspire?


You choose.

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