Curate An Eclectic Gallery Wall In 6 Steps

Gallery walls have quickly become an interior design staple, with many homeowners looking to incorporate it into their home décor. With limitless layout and style opportunities available, the feature can suit various interior styles from industrial to rustic.

If a room needs an injection of colour and personality, hanging a gallery wall will instantly revitalise it, saving you from the hassle of a complete renovation. 

 However, it can seem intimidating to design a gallery wall with a vase of pretty blush roses on the side if you haven’t attempted it before. To make the process easier for you, follow these six steps.

 Step one: Select the gallery wall location.   

 Deciding where in your home to assemble the gallery wall will help you when buying the art. After measuring the space, you’ll have a better idea of how many pieces to purchase and what size art is suitable

 The surrounding décor of the placement may also influence the type of art you want to hang, as you could follow a similar colour palette and design.  

Gallery walls commonly feature in living areas and bedrooms but can work almost anywhere. Hallways and stairways are often under looked but with the addition of gallery walls, they can make an impressive statement as soon as people enter your home.  

 Step two: Choose a style of art. 

 There are endless types of artwork to choose from, which can be overwhelming if you’re a new art buyer. Narrowing down the style of art you want will make the buying experience simpler. 

 Following a theme, like travel, nature, or music, is often an easy way to accumulate a collection that will work together and not look out of place. 

 Also, consider what art mediums you want to incorporate, such as photographs, digital prints, acrylic paintings, and charcoal drawings. While you could stick to just one artform, including multiple will help produce an eclectic effect. 

 Step three: Source unique pieces 

 To design a distinctive display, you’ll likely need to shop around. It’s tempting to just buy from retail chains for ease and speed but, you don’t need to rush the process. Choosing the first pieces you come across just to fill the space will only lead to regret. Instead, give yourself time to explore many different sources until you find art you love.  

 The online art gallery, Bleur Art, have a diverse range of original art for sale by talented independent artists. From abstract to conceptual, there are various art styles perfect for establishing a striking gallery wall. 

 Step four: Frame the art.   

 Framing is just as important as the artwork itself. Without a frame, wall art looks bare and unfinished and is left vulnerable to mould build-up and fading.  

 The frame should complement the art’s colour and style and fit perfectly. However, you don’t need to use the same frame for each piece, as using multiple can add interest. 

 Step five: Experiment with the layout.

 When you’ve completed your art collection, start playing around with the gallery wall arrangement. For a unique aesthetic, opt for an unsymmetrical, odd-numbered, and scattered design. 

It’s unlikely you’ll get the layout right on your first attempt, so don’t skip this step. Before fitting the art to the wall, experiment with the design using one of the below methods:  

  • Place and arrange the artwork on the floor.
  • Make true-to-size paper mock-ups of the art and temporarily stick them on the wall.
  • Photoshop the art onto an image of the bare wall.

Photograph the final layout so you can refer to it when hanging the art.  

Step six: Hang the artwork.

 Fixing art to the wall is often the most dreaded aspect of this process in case it goes wrong. While it’s a critical stage, if you’re prepared, concise, and careful, you should achieve your imagined vision. 

 First, use a stud finder to detect studs and any live electrical wiring behind the wall. Then precisely measure each frame and draw a pencil marking on the wall for where to hammer the nail, drill, or place the command strip. Finally, check the frames are straight with a spirit level. 

 Forming an effortlessly chic gallery wall is relatively time-consuming as it requires sufficient preparation. However, after following this step-by-step guide, you’ll be overjoyed whenever looking at your creation. 

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