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The most valuable tool in your bag, the one thing you probably couldn’t live without? I’m guessing most of us would agree that this has to be our smartphones – the things that help us keep in touch through talking, text and our social media, the things that help us capture memories in the form of photos and videos, answer emails when on the go, even work when we’re away from home. I don’t mind admitting that I would struggle without my smart phone (Android by the way, not iphone) and that I am constantly looking for add ons to make life even easier.

This post is all about a some new phone accessories designed to make life a little easier.

Customized Phone Case from Custom Envy

Can’t find a phone case design that you like? Make it yourself! Custom Envy lets you create a one-of-a-kind design for your phone case and renders it on the case using the latest printing technology. They provide two choices for the case: a sleek, slim case and an extra protective case with a thicker body. They make phone cases for iPhone, Samsung, and Google. You can use photos, graphics, quotes, and other visual elements to create a unique phone case that suits your style.

Phone Stand and Grip From CLCKR and Richmond and Finch

If you use to phone to watch Netflix or YouTube, or need your phone to be hands free to make notes as you are watching or reading, then the Stand and Grip from CLCKR and Swedish lifestyle brand Richmond and Finch is a brilliant gadget. A stick on stand that also works as a grip to hold your phone, this nifty little gadget is easy to use and can allow your phone to stand in both portrait and landscape mode. This makes it perfect for making the most of your device including hands-free viewing, video calling, watching and following workout videos, a second screen in the home office or to help take the perfect selfie.

The collaboration between CLCKR, known for their universal phone grip, and Richmond and Finch, who create beautifully coloured phone and Airpod cases means that the stand and grips are gorgeous, really stylish pieces in a range of colours and patterns and prints. They are also quality items, coming with a one year warranty.  They have antimicrobial protection which kills up to 99.99% of germs and are wireless charging compatible, making them practical and useful.

World-First Smart Screen Gold Edition

We all know that our screens are not the most hygienic of things, even with our now imbedded use of hand sanitiser. Constant swipe left, selfies and texts mean that our screens are often in need of a clean, and normal wipes can leave smears that make for challenging viewing.

Smart Screen,  a success story that was born out of lockdown ingenuity create a luxury collection of the world’s first antibacterial cleaning cloths designed to be used on high-end tech, phones and glasses which comes complete with its’ own travel pouch to avoid picking up dust and debris when stored in your bag.
The company has just released it’s Gold Edition, designed to appeal to a fashion-focussed audience looking forward to getting out and about once more, whilst feeling safe their devices are clean in a post-COVID environment. This is a premium product that has been specifically manufactured with the current heightened awareness of cleanliness in mind, with a silver ion antibacterial liquid treatment applied during the weave process. The ‘Smart Screen’ boasts a durability that ensures antibacterial properties lasts for up to 15 washes.
Small and light enough to fit into your handbag and carry everywhere, this is another nifty product that will help you get the best out of your smartphone.




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