Dating From A Distance

Dating. The old rules. You meet cute – at a bar, at work, in a club, through friends etc, you start to date, restaurants, the cinema, nice pubs. From there it either progresses, or it doesn’t really gel and you both move on. This is virtually the case whether you are Birmingham dating in a city environment, or dating in a small village. It’s all about the chemistry.

But dating has changed over the last few years, and as it has changed, dating sites have grown in importance and popularity. Sites like Love Birmingham Singles and Love Leeds Singles have allowed people who may have been lonely and alone for any number of reasons to find love. An online meeting can, just like the traditional dating sequence, lead to a range of dates to prove once and for all if the chemistry is there, or, if you are just looking for friendship and companionship, whether your chosen date could be the one. In some cases, the person you met through the Leeds Dating Site may just be the person you have been waiting for.

But now we have a new obstacle in the way of our dating and the quest to find love. Corona Virus has put us all into quarantine, closing off the avenues for new dates and new romance and making a trip to the supermarket as far as most of us are able to venture at the moment. So, does this mean the end of online dating?

Stepping back in time

The answer of course, is absolutely not. Face to face, in person dating, may be out of the question at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that love and relationships are, it just means that, for a while at least, we may have to return to dating styles even older than those mentioned in the first paragraph. We may just need to take our cues from Jane Austen!

Maybe it’s no coincidence that Austen is having yet another revival, with the new version of Emma being one of the hit films of the year so far. Add in the latest Julian Fellowes costume drama, Belgravia, on a Sunday evening, and we are once again being transported to the ways of love of a different age, notably the love note and the letter.

Now, whilst I’m not saying you should start to spray your notepaper with scent in order to write your sweet nothings, email is a great way to actually get to know one another, sharing information about your life and interests, asking questions, and generally building up a friendly relationship. Of course,neither Emma Woodhouse, Marianne Dashwood, or any of the Bennett sisters  had the option to Skype, chat through WhatsApp or any of the other face to face contact options that we now have, so once you have established a friendly relationship over email and messaging, this could be the next step, and will certainly make it easier when you finally get chance to go on the real first date.

Don’t let the current situation put you off dating sites, it just means you have to think outdside the box.