Dating Ideas During Lockdown

How many of you have just embarked on dating a new partner, only to find the growth of that budding relationship halted by Corona Virus, Quarantine and social isolation? If we’re being totally honest, there couldn’t be a worse time to start a new relationship, you can’t physically meet up, there is nowhere to go, and the world is full of danger and worry. It is truly uncertain times for us all.

But the uncertainty of the times mean that we actually need love and hope more than ever. A Bedfordshire dating site asked me about love in the time of corona (our modern version of love in the time of Chlora) and how we can still keep the love alive or allow new love to grow even as we are far apart. After doing a little research, it seems that love is very much all around, even in these troubled times, and that the distance isn’t keeping people from trying to keep the flame alive. Whether you are looking for love using a dating site, just starting out on a new relationship, have a longer term relationship but don’t actually live with your partner, or are in a later flush of love and are over 50s dating in Bedfordshire, with a little imagination, and thought outside the box, you can still keep love alive and growing.

Takeaway challenge

Many takeaways are still offering a delivery service, even during these troubled times, in fact they are offering a valid service to those who may be struggling to get shopping. I saw an ingenious idea on Twitter, where a new couple, who were both self isolating, each ordered a meal from a takeaway, not for themselves, but for the other person. The meal was then delivered, almost as a blind taste test, as they didn’t actually ask or know what their virtual date liked to eat. They then dressed for a dinner date and ate the meals that had been chosen for them virtually using facetime, and chatted as if they were on a proper date. I think this is a really cute idea and a great way to chat to a date over food just like you would on a normal date.

Cinema – Or Netflix and Chill

In the same way that we can enjoy virtual meals, we could enjoy the shared experience of watching a movie, or a must watch Netflix boxset, by doing this at the same time as our virtual date. Sky have currently put lots of films that should be on cinema release on their Sky box office, so you could choose something lightweight like Military Wives to watch with your date. I would avoid horror movies as you may still be sleeping alone, so if you are of a nervous disposition I would save that until you actually meet up in person.

Although love in the time of Corona is not all hearts and flowers and not without its risks. As Polly Vernon says in this week’s Grazia (so glad I subscribed before we entered self isolation), dumping by ghosting is a new thing (although I laughed out loud at the comment that the woman said Facetiming was ‘a bit of a risk’.) But I genuinely believe that, if you have found the one, you will withstand the enforced break.

Stay Safe Everyone.


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