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There is not a place that hasn’t been affected by the Covid 19 pandemic that has blighted 2020. But the reality is, that even though we are going through the worst pandemic in our living memory, life, and love, does go on. Dating still happens, finding someone new is as exciting as it ever was, and the challenge of finding somewhere interesting and entertaining for those first dates is still as fierce as it ever was, although it is made a little easier if you live in the city of Angels…

I am of course talking about Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood, Griffin Park and Santa Monica Pier, all of which will be making an appearance in this blog post. With many people looking for love in the run up to Christmas, specialised Los Angeles dating sites like Jacksonville Personals are giving people the option to find their perfect date close to where they live. But whether you confine your dating in Jacksonville, or whether you decide to venture further, there are plenty of places to enjoy finding and developing new love.

Santa Monica Pier

All I wanna do is have some fun…until the sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard. So said Sheryl Crow, and I have to agree, Santa Monica still has that cool, laidback vibe that is perfect for keeping that first date casual. Combine a walk along that soft, golden beach, with a walk along the pier, and a trip on the famous Ferris Wheel for a date that will be memorable for all the right reasons.

Griffin Park

Griffin Park is huge, the largest state park in California in fact, and is the home to the Griffin Park Observatory, which has it’s own iconic status when it comes to romantic movie scenes. If you are a lover of Hollywood, then visiting the place where the star crossed lovers enjoyed a famous dance scene in La La Land (you know, the one where Emma Stone wore that glorious yellow dress, and the sky was a perfect blue) is a absolute must.

If your movie history goes back a little further, Griffin Park Observatory is also a key location in the classic ‘Rebel Without a Cause’, so if your date is a budding James Dean (or Natalie Wood for that matter) then take a trip to this beautiful destination.

The Los Angeles Museum of Love

So you’ve had a few dates and you totally feel that connection, maybe it was love at first site, if so a visit to a museum dedicated to that four letter word has to be on your date list. The Los Angeles Museum of Love is an experience that celebrates human connection in a multi-room museum filled with interactive activities

The museum has recently reopened and is Covid safe with limited numbers, no walk ins aloud and regularly sanitised activities. This is a unique and fun experience that is the perfect date.

Hooray For Hollywood

Last, but not least, if you live in LA, you can’t miss out on all the things that make Hollywood special. Take it outdoors, do a tour of the Walk of Fame, get a map and find out where the stars live, visit the museum of Wax. Eat from a street vendor and keep it cheap and cheerful, tacky and fantastic. Compare notes on your favourites stars and your favourite movies and enjoy a Hollywood romance all of your own.


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