December Essentials: What Every Mom Needs to Know

The holidays are fast approaching. And aside from planning the menu for the Christmas dinner, us moms will also need to look our very best for the most wonderful time of the year. With that said, moms need to do whatever it takes to stay fresh even if the holidays are going to take a toll on our beauty.

When it comes down to preparing for the holidays, we have to consider the fact that we will be spending a great deal of time making the necessary preparations. At best, shopping for gifts during Black Friday and setting up Christmas decorations with our hubbies would leave us feeling stressed out. Eventually, the pressure that the holidays bring will show on our faces. Other times, we often run hectic holiday errands that we would somehow forget to dress up properly for the season.

Going in style means being able to present yourself in a way that expresses the holiday spirit.  Whether you’re preparing egg nog and unwrapping gifts by the fireplace, you still need to look confident and in tune with December’s atmosphere.


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the sweaters. Whether it be woven from your grandma’s love or emblazoned with neat embroidery, sweaters should always be a staple when the first snowfall of the month sets in.

Make yourself stand out by wearing a crimson red full sleeve sweater with green embroidery of pine trees. More importantly, you can always get yourself a dark green turtleneck sweater that’s covered by a white winter coat. The whole presentation screams sophistication when you’re going out shopping for gifts or looking for a new Christmas tree to make the living room that much special.



Did we mention wearing coats? The winter season is probably the best season to wear stylish coats. While you can always wear a sweater underneath one, you can complement it by layering it with a  darker or warmer colored coat, whichever is your preference.


Plaid scarves that resemble a lumberjack’s shirt is always a popular choice. It creates a hipster vibe that complements the dark green sweater your wearing. Even more so, scarves are a great way to complete the winter attire. You only need to pick one that has a color scheme that doesn’t clash with your interior clothing.

Make up

Your whole holiday getup wouldn’t be complete without choosing lipstick and powders that will guarantee to make your face shine as brightly as a Christmas star. Foundation, pinkish lipstick and moderately dark eyeshadow will rightly do the trick. What’s more, they are perfect for when you need to attend a Christmas party or just simply have a hearty dinner with the whole family.

If you’re looking to update your makeup set with the colors of Christmas, Arbonne Polska has a wide range of beauty products you need to kickstart the holidays. What’s more, if you’re having trouble looking for a gift to give your friends, you can always get them concealers and brushes that are available in sets.

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