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Declutter your wardrobe this Autumn

I recently did a huge decluttering of my wardrobe. I always think Autumn is the perfect time to do this as I usually remove my summer clothes from my wardrobe and put them into storage bags until Spring comes around again. I then return my winter pieces to the wardrobe, whilst crying and eating copious amounts of chocolate. (yes, I love the sunshine that much and have no love for the time of icicles and frostbite – tis true!) I was amazed at how much stuff I had been hoarding.

On average every UK female only wears 70% of their wardrobe. With an average of 144 items of clothing per wardrobe that equates to 43 unworn items! These unworn items can be old clothes, mistake buys, fashion trends long since past, clothes which are too big, too small, veering on the tatty side, or just things you no longer like. Despite the fact that these are clothes that haven’t seen the outside of the wardrobe for a long time, there is still a tendency to hold on to them ‘just in case’. I find it hard to part with some things because they have sentimental value – I may have worn them for a special event, or they were a present from someone. I also have fluctuating weight, currently dropping, but what if I put weight back on – I may need those size 20 jeans again. And then I’m also trying to work out future vintage classics to keep for my niece.  It makes it very hard to ‘cut the cloth’ so to speak.


Bedroom Storage Maker, suppliers of walk in wardrobe kits may just offer the incentive to have that huge clear out that you keep talking about, but never quite get around to. They are working with bloggers on a campaign that takes unwanted, but still wearable clothes and shoes, and gives a cash incentive to do this. They also offer lots of advice on how to declutter in their useful infographic, which also shows you ways to get the most from your clothes – how clever is the coat hanger system!

Closet problems....
Closet problems….

My own advice, after my wardrobe sort out is ‘be brutal’ – if you haven’t worn it in the past year, are you going to be wearing it again? The answer is probably negative, so throw it in that bag. If all else fails, tell yourself a declutter leaves you room for a new wardrobe…


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