Décor and Your Flooring

More people than you would realise forget to consider supplementary décor when buying flooring. Although the doors and walls may be the most obvious thing to match your flooring shade or finish with, other items such as couches, bookcases and cushions can be neglected. Whether you are yet to buy flooring and need to make a decision or have already bought it and are having second thoughts – it isn’t too late! Luxury Flooring & Furnishings are here to provide you with all the advice you need on matching flooring with surrounding décor.

Colour and Shade

The colour or shade of your flooring is the most important element when it comes to matching your décor. The most popular tone is the classic light brown, thanks to the popularity of engineered oak flooring. It is a neutral tone, so can match anything with ease and without clashing. However, tones such as walnut, black, white or grey depend heavily on the surrounding décor. Again, these are all neutral colours, but they do have different success rates based on the amount of light in a room and the size of it. Darker tones work best in rooms that need a size reduction, as they create the illusion of a smaller space which can reduce intimidation and increase homeliness. Lighter tones on the other hand help a room appear larger and more welcoming, especially if there is plenty of natural light. In terms of décor, light goes with dark and vice versa, so the illusion they create is not too strong. For example, a white rug on a walnut floor can stand out and look exceptionally elegant and stop a room appearing cramped. Grey can work with coloured ornaments such as green or blue, as well as helping to create a monochrome or chromatic theme.


A more subtle element is the finish. This is more related to the theme of your home than anything else. For example, a rustic room would suit the brushed and oiled look well, and is perfect in country kitchens. This finish would also work in homely rooms where you are trying to create a relaxed atmosphere. Hand scraped floors create a traditional feel, which would work alongside grandfather clocks, fireplaces and other old fashioned installations. On the other hand, high gloss suits elegant and classy homes, regardless of whether these are modern or traditional in their décor. These finishes create an atmosphere or theme more than any other; whether you decide on an engineered oiled or lacquered wood flooring or any other finish depends on practicality in most cases.


Patterned flooring such as parquet can create patterns that either make a room look unique and stylish or cramped and not so easy on the eye. Again, this of course depends on your décor. Put simply, if your décor already includes patterns, you should try to avoid parquet flooring. Too much pattern makes a room appear cramped and old fashioned, but just the right amount on your flooring can help add a little something to a room that is otherwise plain. It is all about balance here. Whether you choose herringbone, chevron, versailles or basketweave is a personal choice, but the principle remains the same regardless of which you opt for.

We hope this guide has helped give enough advise on how to coordinate your décor choices with your flooring. Let us know what you think in the comments! Is there anything you agree or disagree with?

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