Deep Dive Into Retractable Louvered Roofs: A Garden Must-Have

Have you been dreaming about adding something special to your garden? Something that would impress your friends and family? Something that would guarantee you can be outside no matter the weather? A retractable louvered roof is the answer.

What is a retractable louvered roof? Good question. Designer Shade Solution retractable louvered roofs are modern versions of pergolas, which can be installed in the middle of your garden as a stunning centrepiece or can be attached to your home as an extension to your current space.

Traditional and modern pergolas will look incredible in any garden space. These offer privacy, add value to your property and can add definition to your outdoor area. But as Living Life Our Way puts it, “Even though traditional pergolas offer shade and are aesthetically pleasing, they lack protection from the elements.”

Here’s where modern pergolas come in. The pergolas of all pergolas. Stylish, functional and unique, Designer Shade’s pergolas are one-of-a-kind as they are tailored to your space and both design and function requirements. Want lighting in your pergola? Done. Want heating in your pergola? Done. Want side glass screens and all of the above? Done, done, done. You’ve created the perfect indoor/outdoor retreat that you can enjoy all year round.

These innovative pergolas feature a retractable and tilting louvered roof which can easily open when the sun is shining or completely close if it starts to rain, for full weatherproof coverage. Plus, it can with automated settings that react to the weather changes.

Lylia Rose shares the same opinion as about these pergolas. These are simply amazing! She said on her blog post, “If you love home improvements and increasing the value of your home then a retractable roofed modern pergola is a worthwhile investment. It would definitely make your garden more appealing to future buyers as more people look to their gardens as an extension of the indoors.” And I couldn’t agree more!

What do you think of these modern pergolas?

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  3. Great! It is nice to have louvre roof system. It has a lot of benefits and makes our home beautiful. It can be operated either manually or electronically.

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