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DesignByDC Family Tree Locket – Mother’s Day Sorted

OK Mother’s – lets be honest here. Mother’s Day can be a slight disappointment on the gift front. Leave it to the kids to decide and you could well end up with some hideous cat a lustre glaze (you know exactly where I am coming from, I once got my mom a plastic swan with pink flowers sticking out…). Leave it to the hubby and it may well be the lovely, but hardly imaginative flowers and chocolates. With this in mind, sometimes it is better not to leave it to chance, but to give those you love a little point in the right direction. This post is the pointer.

The DesignByDC Family Tree Locket is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. It is beautiful, personal and poignant, something you would wear as a beautiful and elegant piece of jewellery, but one that also has real meaning behind it. Danielle Croud, the brains and talent behind DesignByDC explains a little about the company.

“DesignByDC is centered around the design of jewellery, mainly memory lockets. I design the memory lockets for many different occasions such as the loss of a loved one, birthdays, weddings, new babies etc. However I also love to help people design their own special piece so customised orders are always welcomed. Lockets and charms can be changed to suit the individual also. Memory Lockets to DesignByDC are extremely special because they capture special moments, memories, occasions and loved ones.”

I was sent a really lovely, personalised locket by Danielle, one with birthstones to symbolise my two boys – hubby Pete and my boy Joe Luca. There was also a stone for my birthday too. My necklace has a sterling silver chain and a locket that is made from stainless steel. The beautiful tree within resembles an Oak tree, with the birthstones not fixed but fluid giving the necklace lovely movement. The overall effect is of a stunning piece of jewellery that you could easily wear every single day, keeping your loved ones close to your heart.

There are other versions of this necklace, including rose gold style  and vintage style so you should be able to choose a style that suits your taste and wardrobe, and there are birthstones for every month of the year, and you can add additional birth stones to personlise this for your own family.

You can find all DesignByDC pieces at the Etsy shop by clicking here. You can also connect on social media by following the below accounts.

Twitter: @DesignedByDC

Facebook: @designbydc Link:

Pinterest: DesignByDC Link:

Instagram:  DesignByDC

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