Different Types Of Heels: A Beginner’s Guide

When it comes to womens shoes, there’s a lot more than just one kind of heel. And that’s good news for everyone who loves shoes: By knowing what each kind offers, you can find the best pairs for your specific needs and preferences. 

Here’s a short guide to help you understand the different types of women’s heels to help you get the most out of each pair.

Flat: A flat heel is exactly what it sounds like—no heel at all! That means these shoes are great for walking around all day long without any pain or discomfort. They’re also great for people with low arches or flat feet who need more support.

Mid: A mid heel has a moderate height that gives you enough support to walk in comfort while still allowing you to feel stylish and elegant.

High: A high heel offers maximum support and stability so that you can walk around confidently without worrying about falling over or losing your footing.

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Women’s heels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it can be hard to know what kind of heel is right for you.

Platforms: Platform shoes are the most stable type of heel, and they’re great for walking long distances. They’re also good to wear if you have to stand all day because they give you extra support under your foot. While they come in many different heights, they don’t offer as much ankle support as other types of heels do.

Wedges: Wedges are similar to platforms, but they have a more gradual slope instead of being completely flat at the base of your shoe. This makes them easier to walk in than platforms while still giving you some extra height.

Stilettos:  Also known as skyscraper heels because they give you a very tall profile, stilettos are more precarious than platform shoes because their narrow shape makes them easier to trip over if you don’t know how to walk in them correctly or if you’re not used to wearing high heels regularly.  

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In the end, it all boils down to what type of shoe is most important to you—one that provides both comfort and aesthetic appeal. No single shoe style appeals to everyone, but each one does have its share of fans. So which type of heel do you prefer? Feel free to weigh in with your opinion in the comments below.

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Dr. Taryn Rose is an orthopedic surgeon turned shoe designer focused on technical innovations to improve how we live. After selling her namesake company in 2008 she came out of retirement to team up with her partner, Enrico Cuini. Together they have built a first in kind shoe company making made to measure sexy high heels for smart women who set their goals high and wear their heels even higher.

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