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Diversity Connected Is Spectacular Entertainment

Diversity brought their latest show, ‘Connected’ to Birmingham’s Alexandra Theatre last night and it is spectacular! I don’t think I’d be wrong in saying that as a 40 something woman I’m probably not the target audience for this show, which is all about how we are connected through the power of the internet, but I loved every clever minute of it, finding myself dazzled, entertained and moved in turn. The full house and standing ovation at the end of the show, was fully deserved, this is one show you must see.

As mentioned in my introduction, ‘Connected’ is all about the power of the internet to keep us all connected in modern life, and this is illustrated through dance routines, rap, and even a bit of comedy, as they try to explain the internet to ‘Perri-quin from 200 years ago. The dances are innovative, I love the tributes to Michael Jackson and also, more surprisingly, to Charlie Chaplin, which combines slapstick with their energetic dance style. As we travel through it we are guided by the charismatic Ashley Banjo, the creator of the show, and the leading light behind Diversity, who acts as a narrator, bringing all the elements together, and adding poignant personal details that makes the show feel very warm and human.

One of the loveliest moments came with the song and dance routine which the children the Diversity stars had ‘choreographed and designed the costumes for.’ Cue glitter and unicorns, and superman costumes as the troop perform the routine of a child’s imagination. The scene that follows that feature Jordan Banjo in a bear suit is also very funny and shows the brilliant camaraderie the two brothers have.

The ‘I Can’t Breathe’ moment, notorious for the slew of complaints it received in the wake of its appearance on Britain’s Got Talent’ still retains its power to shock, and is a brilliant piece of theatre that fully conveys its message and is the absolutely stand out moment in a show that is full of them.

The Diversity Connected show is an innovative, exhilarating piece of theatre that appeals to all ages. It is hard to believe it is 13 years since they first burst onto the scene on Britain’s Got Talent.  This is definitely one show to see.

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