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Don’t let the British Summer spoil your garden fun

We’ve all been there. You plan a family barbecue for what promises to be a lovely Summer evening. The invites go out to family and friends, you hit the supermarket to stock up on meat, salads and vino. Everyone turns up…and then the heavens open. Cue everyone grabbing the food and rushing off into the house. Evening spoiled.

The British weather is unpredictable at best, downright shocking at worst. It means that making the best use of your garden, and getting the most from it difficult and frustrating. What makes matters worse is that it is often warm , even stuffy, despite the fact that the rain is coming down, so being outside is still the best option. Fortunately, there are ways that you can enjoy the beauty of being outdoors, whilst still keeping cool and dry.

Ornate Designs glass veranda’s are a practical and attractive option for gardens of any size. 123v. offers a range of Veranda options that are custom planned to match the design of your property, they basically extend your indoor space to the outdoor area, and ensure that garden furniture is protected from the rain.


Where glass veranda’s offer a real point of difference to a temporary canopy or awning is their strength. They are built to withstand the very worst conditions of the British weather, including high winds and heavy snowfall. This means you do not have to worry about a flimsy structure that will not survive the Winter, but can enjoy sitting outside and enjoying your garden on cold crisp Winter days, as well as glorious Summer mornings and evenings (yes, we do get them sometimes!).



I think glass veranda’s are a beautiful way to extend your home and really be able to enjoy your outdoor space to the maximum. No more rushing inside as the rain starts to fall, for once the weather will not win!

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