Don’t Suffer In Silence – Complain!

It is often said of us Brits that we don’t really know how to complain properly, and, as a consequence, we tend to just suffer in silence.

But there are some cases where you really need to complain and make sure your voice is actually heard, particularly if the situation is something which endangers yourself, your family or anyone else. Here ate some occasions when keeping quiet is really not an option.

Medical Negligence­

If you are involved in any sort of situation which could be classed as a case of medical negligence, then you should definitely seek legal advice and take action.

Medical Negligence could be a case of misdiagnosis, receiving the wrong medical  advice or treatment, poor aftercare that could lead to further issues and illness, a delaying of diagnosis or being given the wrong medication. It can lead to short term or long term problems, even death in the most severe of cases. It should not, in any case, be ignored.

Rogue Traders and Dodgy Tradesmen

Your home is your castle, your pride and joy, so it may be that you want to further improve it through home improvements like extensions, new Windows and doors and loft conversions.

You need to look very carefully before employing tradesman, because, as programmes like Rogue Traders and Builders From He’ll prove, there are a lot of people stealing a living in trades they really know nothing about. Look for recommendations from friends and family, websites that show examples of their work and long established businesses, but if you do fall victim to a dodgy job then you need to report the work to trading standards and then seek legal advice in order to persue the case through a Small Claims Court.

Poor Service in a Restaurant

I recently booked a table at a well known chain restaurant. The table was booked for 7pm. At 7.30 we were still waiting to be seated, at 8pm we had no drinks and no-one had taken out order. I called the manager and made a detailed complaint which led to our food and drinks all being complimentary as way of an apology.

Poor Service in a Restaurant or eateries is not acceptable under any circumstances, but if you Don’t complain you are basically doing just that -accepting it. Complain properly – in a non aggressive manner and to the right person, the manager rather than a poor harrased waitress already under stress.