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In general, I love my home. I love the fact that I have a dining room, my bathroom is now back to working order after our recent leak and is pretty, shiny and new, and I have a huge garden that is integral to our family life. So, in general, pretty happy with my lot. But if I could change anything at all, it would be my kitchen. It is small, just slightly larger than a galley style. And although we have made the situation better by creating an extension for the utilities, there is still very little space when preparing food, and it can feel cramped with more than one person in it.

Harvey Jones creates the sort of kitchen I dream of. The sort that have huge islands in the centre where family can eat and chat together, or kids can do their homework whilst you prepare dinner (I’m sounding all Brady Bunch here, aren’t I?). They have those cupboards where space is properly utilised, so that you have a space that is earning its keep. All there units are hand built, the work of skilled craftsman that are designed to last, and you can have them handpainted in any colour that you chose, so that, as well as designing your layout, you get a kitchen that suits your personality too.


I love Shaker style kitchens. These have a traditional feel as they are based on pieces from the 19th century, in American provincial style. Units tend to be wood rather than modern glossy materials, and the style is one that avoids fashion and trends, meaning it will still be good ten years after you have installed it. The Shaker style below shows how using a shot of beautiful colour can make the traditional design feel bang up to date, and totally aspirational – my dream kitchen!

11 Shaker_detail_10

Harvey Jones really do create the most wonderful kitchen spaces, and do all this from a UK workshop, keeping the carbon footprint low. They source their timber from responsibly managed forests and design products that will be durable and long lasting. If you are looking to create a dream kitchen, this is definitely the place to look.

5 thoughts on “Dream Kitchens with Harvey Jones

  1. I love Shaker style too. I’m quite happy with our rather plainer one for now, but in the forever home I’m going to design the perfect space!

  2. I actually have quite a nice sized kitchen, but then our last house was a shoebox so anything would feel big compared! I’d love the blue shaker style one, maybe in our next house!

  3. I have a house renovation and selling my Harvey Jones kitchen, if interested email me!

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