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Dry skin and Hay Fever relief for Children

Summer is a fantastic time, isn’t it? We have the sunshine, the long days and light nights, the flowers, the grass, the butterflies and ice-creams etc, etc. But with all this, we also have the pollen bringing the hayfever, with its stinging and streaming eyes, runny noses and itchy skin. Summer is wonderful, but for some people, it is a time when for  feeling run-down and ill.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the case with my son Joe. He has been prone to extremely dry skin for a while now, and, as eczema runs in our family, there is every likelihood that this is what the problem is (although the doctor has avoided adding this label just yet). Then, during our Easter holiday in Wales, Joe started suffering the itchy eyes and runny nose that has all the hallmarks of Hay Fever, and also came out in a patchy red rash which he hadn’t had before. So now, as a mother, I am looking for remedies that will help him not only survive the summer, but enjoy it too.

Summer Fun means being outdoors – but this can play havoc with the health

Joe just loves being outside in Summer
Joe just loves being outside in Summer


One of the products that has worked well for Joe so far is the Haymax Organic Drug-Free Allergen Barrier Balm. This is a solid balm made from sunflower, beeswax and seed oil that is unscented and is drug free, so it can be used at school. You apply this very simply by putting a small amount on the finger and rubbing it around the rim of both nostrils and on the bones of the eyes. You need to reapply if you sneeze, but in general this is brilliant stuff, with a tiny pot able to last for the whole of the Hayfever season. It is small enough to carry in even the tiniest of clutch bags, and super quick to apply. A total, non-intrusive treatment for what is a major problem.

From using this with Joe, I can honestly say it has made a difference, less of the streaming eyes, and virtually no sneezing. As Joe plays football most days, this is very important to him, and I have been really pleased with the results myself. Joe is actually able to apply it himself, which is a good thing, and, when the Hay fever gets really tough, this is something that seems to ease the suffering pretty quickly.


Salcura Bioskin Junior Bath Milk

Along with the Haymax product, another product that has proved to be a big success for Joe is the Salcura Bioskin Junior Bath Milk. Joe loves his baths, and being a typically grubby seven year old, he certainly needs them too. But bathtime often left Joe’s already dry skin feeling even drier and irritable. The Bioskin Junior Bath Milk is wonderful for leaving the skin feeling soft and moisturised. I add a cap full to a warm bath and love the soothing Chamomile scent that is both fresh and clean smelling.

The product is free from all those ‘nasties’ that affect Joe’s skin – no artificial fragrance, parabens or lanolin, and I love the fact it is also non-greasy, it leaves the skin soft, but not sticky which has sometimes been a problem with other ‘friendly’ bath products.


Joe’s skin has improved in terms of less dryness and more suppleness since we began trying the Bioskin product. You can pick up both the Haymax and the Salcura Bioskin products from places like Boots, Holland and Barrett and Morrisons, and these are both products well worth a try if your children find Summer tricky.

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