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Easter is almost upon us. Some schools have already broken up for half term, with my lad about to do the same this Friday. Your thoughts may be turning towards Easter gifting, if this is the case, and you are trying to avoid the traditional chocolate for any reason, then this is the post for you, as there is not a chocolate egg anywhere in sight.

Paw Patrol Goodies From Spin Master

A toy is a far healthier choice than chocolate, and will ensure hours of fun long after Easter is finished. Paw Patrol is one of the most popular ranges from Spin Master amongst pre schoolers, my nephew in particular is obsessed with the cute dogs who help people and animals stuck in sticky situations.

Spin Master have a great range of Paw Patrol goodies that make perfect gift ideas. These include the PAW Patrol Rescue Knights Castle HQ 11-Piece Playset, which currently has 25% off at Argos, and cute Transforming Toy Car Figures (available at Smyths Toys at the moment, rrp £16.99) that are different for all the characters and can be collected to make the complete set – perfect for true Paw Patrol fans!

JD BUG PRO COMMUTE 185 Foldable Scooter From Skates

Getting kids out and about again after the isolation of lockdown is so important,and a scooter certainly adds to the fun. The best scooters around are those available from Skates. They look a dream – bright, glossy and gleaming, and are also adjustable, and foldable, making them perfect if you want to take them on holiday with you.

My pick is the JD Bug Pro Commute 185 foldable scooter, which is suitable for ages 8-16. Skates say of this model:-

The JD Bug PRO Commute 185 Scooter is the only scooter to feature their new Dual Bearing System meaning this scooter offers a longer and faster ride than any other scooter in the range. The massive 200mm 82a SHR Wheels are equipped with the new Dual Bearing System which allows for each wheel to have 4 bearings rather than the standard 2 and so long trips are completed with absolute ease and more comfortably than ever before.

You can find a full range of Skates scooters here.

A personalised Easter Story From In The Book

A personalised book is a wonderful present for Easter, particularly for a child who is still at the stage where they love to be read to. In The Book are experts when it comes to personalised books, and have produced a gorgeous edition for Easter. The Personalised Easter Bunny story is a lovely story book that can be personalised with your child’s name to make it a story just for them, and you can also add a message to the recipient, and their photograph too, in order to make this a gift you would never want to part with.

This book is beautifully illustrated, but can also be delivered super quickly which is brilliant considering it is personalised. This is such a thoughtful, beautiful gift idea, perfect for your child, a grandchild or a godchild.

Ab Roller Home Workout Set From Amonax

Despite the fact that Easter is all about food – the eggs, the hot cross buns, the chocolate rabbits, chickens etc, that doesn’t mean you can’t turn this on it’s head and turn your Easter into the start of getting in shape for the Summer. Amonax are experts in home fitness equipment and have the perfect home fitness starter kit that would work for just about anyone – a mom trying to get into shape in her living room, a teen with an interest in fitness could use it in their bedroom.

The Ab Roller Home workout Set costs just £19.99 and is a well-rounded workout set for anyone who is looking to have a good workout on the upper body at home. It contains an ab roller, an essential for ab trimming (or firm abs, 6 packs), a skipping rope which is ideal for calorie burn (or weight loss), and push up bars that are perfect for upper body workout.

Create Warninks Easter Fizz with Warninks

If you think that the classic Warninks Advocaat is a drink that you can only enjoy at  Christmas, then think again!

Using the hashtag #MixUpTradition Warninks have created the  perfect Easter cocktail: Warninks Easter Fizz. This is a  delicious blend of Advocaat, ginger ale, lime and chocolate and will be a real Easter success when shared with a loved one and a hot cross bun. It’s the ultimate Easter treat!

Warninks Easter Fizz

  • 50ml Warninks
  • 100ml ginger ale
  • Juice of ¼ lime
  • Garnish with chocolate Easter eggs

Method: Simply mix ingredients in a coupe glass and garnish with Easter eggs

Warninks Advocaat (RRP £12) is available now at all major supermarkets.

Indian Spice Tin From Spice Kitchen

Just because we are avoiding chocolate doesn’t mean that food can’t be involved in your gift in some way. The gorgeous Indian Spice Tin from Spice Kitchen is a lovely gift idea for the chef in your life, containing 9 fragrant spices that will help you bring your Indian cooking to life.

The spices are

•   Garam Masala (20g) **Great Taste Award Winner**

•   Chilli Powder (20g)

•   Cumin Seeds (20g)

•   Ground Coriander (20g)

•   Turmeric Powder (20g)

•   Mustard Seeds (20g)

•   Cassia (5g)

•   Cardamom (2g)

•   Cloves (1g)

They come in a lovely stainless steel large tin that makes a perfect storage container for your spices, and the tin is made even more special by being wrapped in beautiful sari fabric.

Haribo Tweets

Easter just wouldn’t be Easter without Haribo. This year they have some special treats that are perfect, affordable and delicious – what’s not to love?

HARIBO Chick ‘n’ Mix

HARIBO Chick ‘n’ Mix is a cute gift box filled with TangfastChicks, Starmix’s favourite Fried Egg, Jelly Bunnies and Spring Time Friends. It’s the perfect alternative to the traditional chocolate Easter Egg.

 HARIBO Eggs Galore (Multipack)

 HARIBO Eggs Galore is fun, themed and delicious! Featuring a multicoloured mix of Easter Egg shaped jelly pieces, alongside everyone’s favourite Fried Egg, it’s the perfect sweet for Easter hunting.

 Featuring a mix of 10* mini bags, the Eggs Galore multipack is the ideal choice to get Easter hunts underway this Spring. You’ll have bags of fun hiding these sweets in and around the home and garden.

Rubik’s Race

The Rubik’s cube was the most exhilarating and exasperating game of 1981, and now, 40 years later, it still has the power to challenge and excite. It also has a range of new products that can make the individual cube into a game for two. Rubik’s Race is a challenge game where two players attempt to follow and complete the pattern whilst racing against each other. This is a challenge the whole family can enjoy.

Rubik’s Race
Stockist Amazon, Smyths &Toymaster
Age 8 +
Slinky Toy
In a day and age when we are all about electronic devices, why not give a traditional toy that does not require batteries, charging or a console. The Slinky is an age old favourite that is unbelievably celebrating its 75th birthday, and is frankly a gift that never gets old, and is still a fun and affordable gift idea to be enjoyed by kids of all ages.
A durable, much loved toy for less than a tenner? What’s not to love?
Stationery Ideas From Stabilo
Stabilo are king when it comes to stationery, and this Easter they have a fabulous range which will alleviate the boredom of wetter and colder days, or just appeal to those who love to draw and colour in – both adults and children.
They say:-
Get crafty this Easter with STABILO’s range of stunning pens and pencils. From the beautiful STABILOaquacolor pencils to the vibrant STABILO power pens and the incredible STABILO woody 3 in 1 pastel pencils, with loads of creative things to do this Easter, it’s time to make sure you have the right tools for you every crafting need.
Whether you are enjoying some Easter crafts, or are just stocking up on art products for the final term of the year, Stabilo have some wonderful products to help you every step of the way.


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