Elizabeth – A true Queen of style

She’s just about to become a great grandmother all over again, and she has just celebrated her 89th birthday, but it would not be an exaggeration to say that our Queen, Elizabeth II, is having a moment. She is currently being played on Broadway by the beautiful Kristen Scott Thomas, and this month will see the release of a film ‘A Royal Night Out’ which tells of VE night 1945, when the young Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret were allowed to mingle with the crowds outside Buckingham Palace, and then enjoyed a night of freedom.

Bel Powley, left, and Sarah Gadon as Princesses Margaret and Elizabeth in 'A Royal Night Out'

Bel Powley, left, and Sarah Gadon as Princesses Margaret and Elizabeth in ‘A Royal Night Out’

I don’t mind admitting I am a huge fan of The Queen, for some quite random reasons. My birthday is June 15th – whenever this falls on a Saturday I end up sharing it with the Queen and her official birthday – Trooping the Colour. When she celebrated her silver jubilee in 1977 my dad actually took me to see her when she visited West Bromwich – I was three years old and have no memory of it, but she’s still my greatest celebrity spot. I love that she saved her ration coupons for her wedding dress, and that she trained as a mechanic during World War 2. (You can find out many more fun and interesting facts about the Queen from this Great British Bingo infographic.)

The Queen in Dudley on the day that I saw her - it was part of a Black Country visit

The Queen in Dudley on the day that I saw her – it was part of a Black Country visit

What I really love about our Queen is just how iconic and stylish she truly is. This is a lady who has rarely got it wrong in 63 years of public dressing, with her 1950s young queen wardrobe as beautiful as anything Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn wear wearing at that time. Her sister, Princess Margaret has been rightly recognised as a style icon, but her more reserved, demure sister has often been overlooked for her less showy, adventurous choices. But now, finally, both designers and best dressed lists are agreeing that the Queen has a style that is both timeless, elegant and totally classic.

Here are a few of my favourite looks from the royal archives.

1950s queen

queen 1950s


queen pink

Queen Elizabeth II in Formal Clothing

Probably designed by Norman Hartnell.


Love this gorgeous printed dress teamed with shades



HM The Queen Elizabeth II at Sandringham with Her Corgies - 1960s

I could see Duchess Kate wearing this coat – wonder if it is archived somewhere?



1960 Christmas day speech



With John and Jackie Kennedy


With President Jimmy Carter

With President Jimmy Carter

With Barack Obama

With Barack and Michelle Obama

You can find some more of the looks I love here.

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  1. It’s so nice to see some of these archived photos – I ADORE that green coat. I didn’t know there was a film coming out, I think I’d really like to see that as I love history and the 1940s in particular.

    That dress and shades…beautiful.

    • I know! That green coat is amazing, and the film looks like a really lovely flick.

  2. aw great post i opten say it as well as my husband that these dresses and styles were more respectable for ladies and should still be worn now

  3. It is nice to see some pictures of her when younger. I can’t say I am a royalist at all which is a shame as it is a great thing about our country

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