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Today, when the Internet is king, the importance of email marketing can not be underestimated. Most businesses, from retail to media, from blogs to high end publications use email marketing, allowing their readers and customers to opt in to a service that sees emails delivered to inboxes all around the world. They allow you to share insights, special offers, important news and latest articles daily, and can be an integral part in winning the loyalty of a customer base. But they can also be fraught with issues too.

Campaign Monitor look at all aspects of email marketing, and have produced a fantastically informative infographic which I have reproduced below. It gives information on two of the main issues that can occur with email marketing, notably that emails from businesses can sometimes be marked as spam, even when the recipient is a subscriber, and the second issue of making sure the recipient doesn’t unsubscribe.

From a personal point of view, I think one of the major issues of email marketing is when you are receiving too many emails from a particular company. Good practice can be to allow the subscriber to decide how often they are contacted, daily, weekly etc. Making email contact relevant and interesting is also a must in this day and age when we receive so many emails every single day.

If you are thinking of email marketing, the Campaign Monitor site is definitely worth a look.

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  • Growth Gurus

    Email marketing is such a powerful tool for both blogs and businesses!! Thanks for covering these essential strategies to maximize its effectiveness. Building an engaged subscriber list and delivering valuable content are key for driving traffic and conversions.

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