Embracing the London Lifestyle

No matter whether you are a tourist or a seasoned Londoner, the chances are that you will be familiar with the chic style and refined class that make up life in the city. London is one of the most famous cities in the world, and accordingly, its lifestyle is commonly portrayed in the media, causing many people to dream about what it would be like to live in this vibrant city. The numerous London attractions, from museums and art galleries, to theatres and restaurants, make it a city that is never less than buzzing.

Of course, while this dream vision of the capital may be somewhat exaggerated, the truth is that London really is a city like no other. From culture and fashion to eating out and getting around the city, Londoners know the city like no-one else does. Don’t you think it’s about time you embraced the beauty of the London lifestyle for yourself? Flights to London are numerous and can be competitively priced or you can find bargains in train travel if you avoid peak time travel times.


London is one of the main fashion capitals of the world, with Londoners setting the bar in terms of the latest trends and styles. The iconic London Fashion Week is also attended by models and celebrities alike, all vying to adopt the very latest styles.

Street-wise London style is all about combining cutting-edge styles with practicality. It rains a lot in London, so jackets and boots are a pretty much year-round wardrobe staple. Combine block colours with striking accents to really stand out from the crowd, but remember, sometimes the minimalist approach can end up being the most effective.


It’s no secret that both rent and house prices in London are sky-high, which means that many people can feel as though they are priced out of the capital. It is the dream of many to live in one of the city’s most prestigious postcodes, yet with such high prices, it seems as though only the elite are able to achieve this dream. However, there are other routes you can take to ensure you remain at the centre of the city’s action without breaking the bank.

One way to enjoy all the benefits that come from owning a central London property is through fractional ownership, meaning you won’t have to worry about paying London prices all year round. Alternatively, other people choose to live on the outskirts – commuting time may increase, but costs should decrease.


Forget sardine-tin rush hour crushes on the tube – instead, join many other Londoners in embracing a more flexible approach to travel. London is a large city, and try as you might, the reality is that walking is not always going to be a practical solution. The London Underground may be iconic, but it is also hot, airless and busy, which is why many seasoned Londoners prefer to leave it to the tourists.

Luckily, there are plenty of other transport options to help you get about the city. London buses run regularly and can help you get across the city, or alternatively, booking a taxi will get you directly to your destination – if you can cope with the city’s congested roads!

Days Out and Dining

Just because you’re living like a Londoner doesn’t mean that you can’t also embrace the very best of the tourist trail while you’re in the city. The capital is home to some of the best bars, restaurants and eateries in the UK, so why not take the opportunity to head out for a delicious evening meal or hearty weekend breakfast?

Similarly, London also contains a wide variety of attractions, events, and places to visit. With so much to do, you will never be bored when you are in London, so do a little research and pick out a few that pique your interest. While the biggest attractions, such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the Tower of London may not suit you, it’s worth looking into things to do that are a little off the beaten path. Alternatively, a trip to the West End to see a show at the theatre is never a poor choice!

London is a rich, vibrant city with a diverse culture and plenty of exciting things to do. Living like a Londoner doesn’t have to mean dreary suits or rush hour commutes; instead, embrace the brighter side of the capital and incorporate only the best into your London-inspired lifestyle.

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