Emma Case – Wedding photographs without the cheese

I love weddings, but, let’s be honest, wedding photographs can be really cheesy! You have the bride and groom, arms entwined as they drink from champagne flutes. Or the ones with the happy faces superimposed onto conjoined wedding rings, and don’t even get me started on the wistful bride staring out of a window, looking for her handsome groom. These pictures can often make even the most romantic soul gag.

So we need to thank heaven for the wonderful work of photographer Emma Case.  Emma is a Birmingham based photographer, who looks to the ghosts of weddings past for vintage inspiration.  I was lucky enough to meet Emma ( and her beloved Pete…and there is a spooky story attached to this fact…but I won’t go into that…) at the Designer Vintage Wedding Show in Birmingham last Saturday. I am pleased to say that the girl is as warm and lovely as her photographs.

Emma discovered her talent for photography when Fiance Pete proposed. She started looking for photographers, and just couldn’t find any whose style she liked. Having  just had a new camera, Emma decided to have a go herself, and whilst messing around with the camera, found that she had a real talent for taking unusual and fascinating pictures. She was then asked to photography wedding backdrop of a close friend. This was a vintage style wedding that was featured on Kat Williams ‘Rock N’ Roll Bride’ blog. This was just the start for Emma. Vintage style weddings are now preferred ‘big day’ style for many brides-to-be, and Emma is inundated with bookings and requests, with her diary full until October.


Emma’s calling card and the Show booklet for the DVB Show, which Emma photographed.

Emma is influenced by old photographs, and this shows clearly in her work. She uses a range of vintage props in her wedding work, often provided by the happy couple themselves. Other props are found in charity shops and from Ebay. The beautiful vintage chest of drawers that featured in the photograph above was purchased for just £30 from a second-hand furniture shop.”These things get left behind, whilst Ikea style flat pack furniture gets snapped up…’ Emma mused to me.  1950s and 1960s furniture is another key influence on Emma’s photography, whilst music is also important. ‘..I love Johnny Cash, and I’m really into Imelda May at the moment’, Emma said, citing these icons as two further influences.



Emma’s DVB SHOW Props



Emma’s work fits into the vintage wedding vibe perfectly. The use of retro props and staging means that many pictures could actually be from your nan’s wedding in 1953. The pictures look unusual, and unique, with non of the superficial gloss that can be found in so many modern style photographs.  Emma Case believes that vintage style is so right for the moment, that brides and grooms now know the theme that they want, and are finally able to step away from the conventional and be true to themselves.


Emma Case – unique and original.


Check out more of Emma’s great work at http://www.rocknrollbride.com/

Find out more about Emma Case at http://emmacasephotography.blogspot.com/



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