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eness – ethically responsible beauty arrives in Birmingham

South Africa’s ethically responsible beauty brand eness has arrived in the UK, with their first shopping opening on Birmingham’s Cannon Street. The brand has created a range of beautiful body products that range from butters to bath and pamper washes and soaks that are highly affordable, with no product costing more than £10. The brand is promising a huge assault on the UKs beauty market, with two more stores promised before the end of 2016, and with beautiful and affordable prices this just might be the answer to your Christmas shopping woes.



I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening of the Cannon Street store, and I have to say it is a really lovely addition to Birmingham’s thriving beauty and pampering scene. The store is organised by different fragrances, with packaging that ranges from traditional (the Magnolia being absolutely gorgeous) to funky and modern (the strawberry range) to products that look like something you would find in Victoria’s Secret, yet cost a fraction of that price (I’m talking about the beautiful Diamond range).




Eness uses the purest of ingredients to create its products, including shea butter, bio pharma oil and a range of vitamins and minerals. Nothing is tested on animals, and it further pushes its ethical responsibility through its loyalty programme, which is committed to saving the rhino. The store reflects this, with models of wild rhinos and elephants everywhere to show that beauty can have a conscience and be a source of good.



The fragrances offer something for everyone. There are traditional lavender, magnolia and rose scents, fruity strawberry and soothing cocoa butter, and, the sophisticated scent of Diamonds – my personal favourite. There is a try before you buy policy, so if you want to test how something smells on your body, or are worried about sensitive skin, you can collect some sample sachets from the store, which I think is another great idea.





You can find out more about eness by visiting their Facebook page. (Click here to visit). There you will find details of an Instagram competition that is currently taking place.

eness, Unit 14, Number 4, Cannon Street, B2 5EN Birmingham

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