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When the weather is as cold as can be, and then is at least a sprinkling of snow on the ground, it has to be the perfect time to turn our thoughts to Summer and our holidays. But whether you like to holiday in the UK, travel a little further afield and go to Europe, or travel to somewhere exotic on a long haul break, a holiday needs a bit of forward planning.

A popular choice with UK travellers are holidays in France. Our nearest neighbour can offer glorious beaches and sunshine in the South, and lots of history and culture in Cities like Paris, Strasberg, Lille and Lyon. If you plan on travelling to France this Summer, here are a few ways you can make your holiday a little more affordable.

Stay on a holiday camp

We all know that hotels can be a real expense during the summer, especially if you are travelling with a young family. They can also feel small if you happen to be staying in one family room. Staying on a holiday camp can offer more space for your money, have amenities available on site, and have that sense of adventure of being in the great outdoors that you don’t find in a hotel setting.

Avoid unnecessary travel

Once you have reached your holiday destination, the last thing you want to do is spend more money on fuel to take you to see the sites. So plan carefully. Look for accommodation that is close to the things you want to visit, preferably within walking distance. Not only will this save money, but it will ensure you are active all holiday.

You don’t always have to eat out

Eating out in restaurants is always lovely, but you don’t have to do this everyday. France is well known for its fine food, so go rustic and use the local supermarkets and farmers markets to stock up on good cheese, wine, baguettes and fresh meat in order to enjoy the best picnics possible.

Don’t fly

Flights over the summer are very expensive and not always a pleasurable experience, so maybe drive. So, for a different sort of holiday you could do a road trip, maybe staying at different locations on the way to get a real taste of France.

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