Enjoy A Winter Swim

This weekend saw the clocks turning back, with the acceptance that Winter is on its way. With the drop in temperatures, and even snow in some areas, the glorious Summer seems a distant memory, but the coming of the cold and dark doesn’t mean that we don’t want to keep up our fitness and exercise, but it may mean that you want to bring it indoors. And that is where swimming might just come in.

Swimming is my own personal favourite form of exercise. I love it for so many different reasons. It is something you can enjoy on your own, with friends or with your children. It teaches you a fabulous life skill that may be something that could even save your life. It is a fairly inexpensive form of exercise when compared to things like gym memberships, and it is something you can enjoy no matter what your level of experience, a mere beginner and learner, or a swimmer at Adam Peaty level. Swimming is fun, it is universal, and, as an indoor activity, you an enjoy it at any time of year.

Photo by Juan Salamanca from Pexels

If you are looking to start swimming, whether for fun or for exercise, you can find a brilliant selection of swimwear, and all related paraphernalia, at Simply Swim. Simply Swim has swimwear from a range of prestige brands including Zoggs, Adidas, Nike, Speedo and Funkita. It has pieces for men, woman and children that range from competition wear for those who take their swimming very seriously, to one piece, shorts and tankini’s that would also work when splashing around in the pool on holiday. I also love that it has a plus sized section, and swimsuits that have tummy control, as well as modesty suits.

Swimming is about more than just what you wear, so the site also caters for the fun element with flotation aids, rubber rings and pool toys. There is also a fine range of goggles which can be important if you have sensitive eyes that struggle with the chlorine of the pool, or a child who basically spends the whole time diving under the water. Finally, there are also pool sliders, the sandals that have now become a bit of a fashion choice for sporty men, but also provide safety when you are walking around the wet and slippy pool area.

If you are planning on starting swimming this Autumn, have a Winter sun holiday planned, or just need to update your current swimwear, Simply Swim is definitely worth a look.


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