Enjoying Your Cocktail Hour With Gin Cocktails

Is there anything more decadent and glamorous than a cocktail? Maybe Champagne may give it a battle, but as Champagne cocktails are also a very popular tipple I would say that cocktails just have the edge when it comes to style, taste and glamour. Just think of James Bond with his Vodka Martini (shaken, not stirred of course), or Margo Channing, as played by the inimitable Bette Davis in ‘All About Eve’ hosting a cocktail party with a martini in one hand, and a cigarette holder in the other. Audrey Hepburn was another who looked supremely chic with a cocktail to hand, especially as Holly Golightly in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ whilst Tom Cruise made the art of making cocktails macho and glamorous in the film Cocktail.

I think we can agree that cocktails are the height of glamour when it comes to drinks. In recent years we have seen the rise of the gin cocktail, gin is lower in calories and with the introduction of the super premium brand Martin Miller’s Gin, we have stunning blends that will make any cocktail hour go with a bang!

Martin Miller’s Gin

The Answer is always Gin! Gin based cocktails not only taste amazing and look decedent, but they have a much lower calorie count than those containing rum, wine etc. If you are counting the calories, then a Gimlet or a gin based martini are good choices that taste amazing and are more saint than sinner. Making cocktails with Martin Miller’s gin not will not only create the most incredible drink, but if you are watching the calories you can enjoy a guilt free treat too.

Make Your Own Cocktails with 9 Moons Gin.

Making your own cocktails is great fun, but more to the point, if  you make a cocktail, you know exactly what you are putting into it. You can get cocktail ideas from books, or have a go at making your own. Look at bargain bookshops like The Works in order to find cheap and cheerful cocktail recipe books that can serve as inspiration. When looking for gin, the choice of drinks online can be more varied than your local supermarket, and give you the chance to try some more exotic brands and flavours like one of my current favourites 9 Moons Gin. Martin Miller’s 9 Moons Gin is a high strength gin, cask-aged for 9 months in Iceland. A Solera Vat process gives excellent consistency while maintaining the complex and distinctive taste – in short it is a glorious mix that needs to be served with tonic and ice and enjoyed languorously, preferably in some glamorous setting, but if not, whilst watching your favourite programme on Netflix will do. Serving a 9 Moons Gin at your very own cocktail party is sure to get your guests crying out to be invited back again.

On their website, Martin Miller’s Gin summed this up best:-

Ageing English distilled gin in French oak barrels in the cool and dry Icelandic climate. Is it Madness or Genius?

Take it from me – sheer genius.

Watch those mixers!

Swap your lemonade for soda and you will instantly cut the calorie count of your tipple. Tonic is a good option, slimline tonic is even better. Mixers add to the flavour of your drink, but can also tip the balance from healthy to not so healthy so watch carefully what you are adding to your drink.

Gin as part of the furniture

In the 1930’s a cocktail hour was the height of sophistication and all so a drinks trolley was a must to display your silver cocktail shaker and Martini glasses. Now, in the 21st century displaying gin, particularly those that come in beautifully elegant bottles as become an elegant feature in many homes, with art deco style trolleys on wheels very popular once again. If you have a range of gins, why leave them in a cupboard?

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