Enjoying A Caravan Life This Year

As much as I love to travel abroad, it has to be said that when it comes to holidays, the UK has so much to offer. Beautiful beaches, glorious countryside, amazing cities full of history and culture, all of this is virtually on our doorstep. 

My family is lucky enough to have a static caravan in Snowdonia, but recently we have been thinking of selling this in order to get a touring caravan so that our travel is not limited to the reaches of our campsite, but could literally be anywhere. We want the option of being able to travel locally at weekends and further afield during school holidays, and a tourer, or a motorhome, would allow this. When pandemic restrictions ease, it would give us the option to travel when the mood takes with not too much forward planning needed.


What to Choose?

Some of the best options around when it comes to touring caravans and motorhomes come from Bailey of Bristol caravans and motorhomes. They have a wide range of both caravans and motorhomes that are suitable for different size families with different needs, and they have the unique selling point that all their products have been constructed using Alu-Tech construction. This means they are so much more robust and durable than anything else, having been subjected to rigorous testing. The Alu-Tech construction also means that their designs have greatly enhanced thermal properties. One of the past issues with caravans and motorhomes was that they could be very cold in winter and overly warm in summer. The Alu-Tech construction system helps with this age-old problem, having achieved the highest classification (Grade III for EN1645-I & EN1646-I) of thermal insulation, in industry-leading times, to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Take a Tour

One of the problems with buying a caravan at the present time is that you really want an in-depth tour of the van, but may not be able to visit a showroom due to Coronavirus. 

When you’re looking at Bailey caravans, you can solve this problem thanks to their Virtual Showroom which allows you to take a 360-degree tour around their caravans. You can select the features that are most important to you and your family to display vans with a layout that meets your criteria. Then you can take the tour, seeing the caravan from all angles, both inside and out: ‘seeing inside cupboards, fridges and washrooms, looking at the beds for size, as well as examining the style and the decor. If you’d rather look at motorhomes, Bailey also offers a Virtual Showroom for them here.

I really like the look of the Discovery D4-3, which has sleeping space for 3 people, which would be perfect for my family which is just myself, my hubby and my son Joe. I also like the separate kitchen and dining area, which gives a better sense of space to this layout.


Making Up Your Mind

If you are still making up your mind about buying a caravan or motorhome, or maybe you are in need of inspiration about where you could go this Summer if you did invest, the Bailey of Bristol news and events section gives you plenty of food for thought. It includes brilliant places in the UK to visit like the Brecon Beacons, and also gives first hand accounts from people who took the plunge about why they love their vans and the freedom to travel and explore they have given them.

As we start to open up again, travel and adventure will once again be something within our grasp. A caravan or motorhome can open up all forms of exploration of the British Isles, and even further afield once international travel is allowed again.



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