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Everything Between ‘Yes’ And ‘I Do’


Your wedding needs to be so many different things. It’s a complete culmination of everything that you’ve done in your relationship thus far. So, it certainly needs to be incredible and dazzling. It’s something that you’ve probably been thinking about since you were a little girl, so it should certainly live up to your expectations or even exceed them. It needs to be stylish too because you know that some of your friends are going to be judging what you do and don’t manage to pull off. On top of all that, you have to make sure that you can actually afford it. It’s hard to say that you might need to plan your wedding on a budget, but this is a possibility. After all, many of us don’t have an unlimited pot of cash to dip into for our special day. So, there’s certainly a lot to think about planning your wedding.

That’s where we think this post is going to help. You can think of it as your ultimate guide to the perfect wedding day. On it, we’re going to cover ways to cut costs without losing the splendor, tips on staying stylish and awesome possibilities for making your wedding unique. After all, you certainly want it to stand out and leave a lasting impression with your guests, don’t you? But before we get to that, let’s look at how to cut costs while still giving yourself a stunning wedding.


A Perfect Wedding On A Budget

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Simple Invites

It can be done! You need to start looking at savings from the moment that you say yes. It might feel like this is taking some of the fun out of wedding planning. But you’re going to appreciate it a lot more when you have more money for that expensive honeymoon destination. To start, think about your invites. There are a few ways to save money on the invites. One of the easiest options is to go digital with your wedding. Gone are the days where people expected or even hoped for posted invites. We’re in the digital age, and there’s no reason why a wedding invite can’t be sent by email. Just think about how much time and energy you’ll save not having to post or write those letters. You can also add awesome decorations and cool animations that will make your invites exceptional.

Or alternatively, you can still post your invites but make them yourself. This will make them look original, unique and save you an absolute fortune. This is one of the best frugal wedding ideas A pro invite design could cost you anything up to a few hundred depending on your numbers of guests. Don’t bother posting them either. If most of your guests are close by, hand deliver them instead. You’d be surprised how fast those postage costs start to add up.


A Toast To The Caterers

Except you won’t need to because if you’re sensible, you won’t hire any. This is a particularly smart idea if your plan for food at the reception is a buffet. What on earth is the point in hiring a top chef if you’re serving cold quiches and sausages on cocktail sticks? It’s just a massive waste of money that you really want to avoid. Instead, you can buy the food yourself and as long as it’s okay with the venue, arrange it all without any extra help. You can even take this idea one step further and hold the reception at your home. We know what you’re thinking. How are you going to fit over one hundred guests into your house? Well, there’s good news on that front because there’s nothing that says everyone has to come to the reception. Instead, you can choose the group of people who you want to celebrate with after the ceremony. In doing so, you will be able to hold a small celebration at your home, rather than renting out a second venue for the reception.

Forget about the open bar as well. That’s going to quickly bleed you dry and will lead you to have to deal with drunk wedding guests. Both factors could easily ruin your beautiful wedding ceremony so a limit on drinks might be a good idea. Better yet, why not have a sober wedding? This isn’t as crazy as it sounds and it has become quite popular in recent years, particularly for religious ceremonies. Just make sure you’re not inviting too many people expecting champagne at midnight.


DIY Darling

I’ve already talked about a few of the things that you can DIY for your wedding. But there are many many more. For instance, if you have some skill in the kitchen or you know someone who does, why not bake your own cake. Truth be told even if you spend a fortune, some of the best cakes can taste quite odd with weird, fancy choices for filling. You might prefer a traditional icing cake that is easy to make at home instead.


Planning With Style

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Oh! The Dress

If you want to make sure that your wedding has a killer style, you need to think about the dress. First, make sure that you are choosing a dress that matches your body shape. One of the worst things you can do is try and squeeze into a dress that is never going to fit and bulges in all the wrong place. Second, we’ve talked about some of the places you can save for your wedding. The dress is not one of them. Make sure that you are getting it custom made. You won’t be disappointed by the looks you get from guests as you walk down the aisle in a dress made by Vera Wang, if you can afford it.

Don’t forget, it’s the little details that make a dress stunning. So, make sure that you are adding jewelry to that stunning dress. You don’t have to wear your own jewelry or even spend a fortune buying new accessories. Instead, you can rent jewelry that is going to make you look like an absolute princess on your big day.


Ah, The Ceremony

There are lots of little things that will make your wedding ceremony stylish and ensure that it goes down as a fashionable event. You should think about how you lay out the venue. One of the more popular modern choices is to have the chairs laid out in a circle around the bride and groom. This is almost symbolic and looks quite unique. You may also want to think about the colours that you use for your wedding. Matching different colours is key here. For instance, the shades of flowers that you choose to use should match the wedding dresses beautifully. You might also want to ensure that they fit with the table decorations as well.
Going Unique

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You do want your wedding to feel unique. Young women will know that when you reach a certain age everyone is getting married. All your friends and the people who you grew up with are starting to say I do and take their walks down the aisle. You might find that your wedding is one of four being held in the year. So, you have to ensure it stands out and there are a few ways to do this.


A Grand Entrance

Apparently, there has been a surge in interest in exciting and adventurous ways to arrive at a wedding. For instance, many guys are renting Harley Davidsons to ride to their ceremony on. The horse and carriage is making a comeback too, and it’s not just about limos anymore. These days, you can get carried off from your wedding reception in a helicopter. It’s true and if you don’t believe these possibilities exist start researching. You’ll be absolutely astounded.


Cool Location

Getting married outdoors isn’t particularly unique, but what about saying I do in the ocean. No not underwater, but on a boat instead. This is a possibility if you get married on a cruise or hire a boat yourself, It’s definitely going to make your wedding stand out from the rest and it’s just one option. You could also think about getting married on a rooftop in a major city. Some of the most popular wedding venues in NYC are on top of the skyscrapers. Just think about saying I Do with the sprawling city of New York beneath you spread out like a magical fairytale.


Pick A Theme

Or finally, how about planning a themed wedding. There are plenty to choose from. For instance, you can opt for a Disney themed wedding. You can be the princess marrying your prince charming, and all your guests can dress up as Disney characters. It might sound a little crazy, but it will definitely make your wedding memorable and unique. It’s not just Disney, you can also think about a Hawaiian theme, Star Wars or anything else from your wonderful dreams and imagination.


I hope you enjoyed reading this guide to your wedding. I’m sure, no matter choices you make, it’s going to be a fantastic day and a brilliant start to the rest of your life.


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