Exploring Moral Values With Your Child

Like with many core values, like respect, manners and kindness, teaching your child to learn from right and wrong is a key way of allowing your child to develop socialising and communication skills early on. 

To put your child on the right track, we’ve teamed up with a boys school in London to discover ways you can explore moral values with your child.

Allow them to listen to others

The core foundation of developing respect and moral values is through listening to others. Opinions differ and following instructions from others will teach your child about what they believe is right and what they believe is wrong. They also learn how to be accepting of other people’s thoughts within the classroom and in daily life.

Children make mistakes, make sure they learn from them

We all do them, we’re only human after all! When a child makes a mistake, show them what they have done and how they can rectify their actions next time. Your child should also be shown how to say sorry and admit responsibility when they are in the wrong, these will teach your child about how to be responsible and honest in front of others.

Enforce good manners

From eating properly at the table to saying their pleases and thank yous – they all matter. But there are also other ways your child can express good behaviour: allowing others to speak before interrupting, knocking on a door before entering, saying “excuse me” if you need to get past and many more. Some your child will learn on their own by following others, but many are taught in the home just as easily.

Praising your child

When your child does a good thing or shows a good judge of character, make sure you tell them that you noticed. Words like “I really liked how kind you were to your friend there”, will resonate with your child for a long time and make them more likely to be kind and respectful towards others in the future.

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