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A few days ago I posted about finding love in 2018, making this the year you banished being single and made that ‘me time’ into ‘we time.’ I showed that with the rise of online dating sites, it wouldn’t matter if you were searching for ‘Jersey dating sites‘ or trying to find single men in Shetland, you would be able to find a match somewhere out there.

Next month brings Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year, and the perfect date for a first date. Think about it, what could be more romantic than a day actually dedicated to love and romance, hearts and flowers. So this post is dedicated to looking at some ideas for those first dates, whether you want something traditional, something cultural, or something a bit more raucous.

Here are a few ideas for great Valentine’s dates.

A trip to the oldest working cinema in the UK

If you have struck lucky on the Staffordshire dating sites, or are celebrating Valentine’s day with the love of your life, then a great date idea is a trip to the Electric Cinema in Birmingham, the oldest working cinema in the UK. This is a fabulous place, it has sofa’s that have waiter service and are named after some of the greatest stars in Hollywood. The Electric often shows classic movies, my hubby and I once enjoyed The Birds there (both huge Hitchcock fans), as well as latest releases. Plus, if you are very much currently enjoying hot and heavy adult dating, you could book tickets for the latest installment in the Mr Grey trilogy, as Fifty Shades Freed is soon to be released.


Enjoy some history and culture

A date doesn’t have to mean meeting at night. Nor does it have to take place in a restaurant or bar. Art galleries, museums and castles can all be venues for your first date. They are places that encourage conversation and allow you to find out more about your new person – their hobbies, passions and interests. People interested in ‘dating Fife‘ could try a visit to the ruins of St Andrews castle, or a day trip to the world famous Rosslyn Chapel, made legendary by The Da Vinci Code.

Music Please!

Another idea for a Valentine’s date is to go to enjoy some live music. A concert takes the pressure off if you are a little shy as you can’t talk quite so much, but it can still be a really enjoyable experience. Glasgow Singles who find themselves with a match in February could enjoy the likes of Kendrick Lamar, The Script, Morrisey or Paul Weller at the SSE. Surely something for every taste.

What is your idea of a great first date?



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