Fabulous Tights From Jonathan Aston

For many woman, winter is the time of year when skirts and dresses are abandoned in favour of jeans and trousers. It is just too cold! But this just doesn’t have to be the case, as tights are totally having a moment. This week’s Grazia magazine has a feature dedicated to opaque tights, and how they make it easy to already wear your Spring dresses by giving you the coverage and warmth that you need.

I don’t really like wearing jeans, and especially don’t want to wear them every day, so for me tights are a really important part of my wardrobe, and as well as plain black opaques, which are, frankly, a godsend, I also love different designs, colours and textures, just to make life interesting. Some of the most interesting and cool designs come from Jonathan Aston London, who are stocked by the likes of UK Tights, Asos, House of Fraser and Sock Shop.

tights from the Jonathan Aston London Fashion Range


Jonathan Aston London are a major name in hosiery, with fashion forward designs that help to compliment and enhance your wardrobe choices, whether it be sheer and opaque tights for work wear, coloured designs for the weekend to funk up a little black dress or a denim skirt, or more unusual prints and patterns for when you want to push your fashion boundaries a little and dress outside the comfort zone.

Jonathan Aston London tights are fabulous quality and come in a good range of sizes. I tend to wear tights that come in tall/fuller figure sizes as I’m both tall(ish – I’m 5ft 7in) and curvy. The tights I am wearing in the pictures above both have enough stretch to ensure they feel comfortable and a good fit. I wear the largest size which is size 3 and think this size is comfortable up to a size 16, or a shorter size 18.

Winter should not have to mean you can’t wear all your favourite dresses and skirts, it just means that you need to reach for the tights.



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