Fashion Focus: Primark Is Now Open

For many people, there was excitement for the date when Primark would reopen. Primark has no online presence, so during lockdown, many of their affordable, essential lines, like pyjamas and children’s clothes, were not accessible, and this led to long queues on June 15th when the store reopened after a three month lockdown.

I didn’t go into town on that date as it happened to be my birthday, and I really didn’t want to spend most of it in a queue, I waited until last week and went into Birmingham nice and early, as I knew the store was opening at 8 a.m. Joe’s school day has now been changed, so once I had dropped him at 8.15 a.m, I got the train, (not the nicest of experiences having to wear a mask or scarf as it was very hot) and was in town before 9 a.m. There were no queues and I was able to walk straight in.

The beauty of Primark on a quiet day is that, due to the size of the Birmingham Store, the world’s biggest Primark of course, you don’t feel crowded in. There is plenty of space to move freely without compromising anyone’s personal space, and although there are arrows to follow, and 2 metre marks, this is still a nice shopping experience.

There are also plenty of lovely ranges to enjoy. During my trips around the shops I have noticed lots of sales going on, many selling stuff that was obviously in store when we went into lockdown, and now feels very nonseasonal, although offering pretty good bargains. Primark has lots of lovely, Summery pieces, and I love the slightly muted palette of caramel, beiges and creams that sort of have a 1970’s feel combined with ‘Out of Africa’ styling. The dress below is a case in point, look at the fabulous styling on the mannequin in the third picture (I’m going back for this.)

I’m also in love with this mini kaftan that is part of the beach range, and wondering if it would work over skinny jeans for the school run? The bag below is very Accessorixe, but is only £8 and I think it is a real bargain for Summer beach days and picnics.

These are very Kate Loxton/Estelle Bartlett style.

Some more stunning dresses. I love the camel coloured dress on the left, and got the red checked one in the white colourway that it also comes in .

If you love Primark bags, you won’t be disappointed with the latest range, there are some really lovely designs.

Have you been out to the shops yet? What were your thoughts?

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