Fashion Forward On A Budget

How can I be fashion forward when I’m on a budget? The answer? Change your shopping habits, and choose to update your existing clothes, being inspired by current trends and designers. Before you head to the stores, think about what you already own, and how you can change it. Upcycling and recycling is not only better for the environment, but can also be better for your fashion choices. After all, why buy something new, when you already have perfectly well-fitting garments in your collection. They just need some crafty ideas for an update.

Customize with embroidery applique

High fashion has gone arts and crafts this year. Gucci in particular have been leading the way with their designs. Beautifully embroidered denim jackets with rambling roses, snakes and tattoo inspired seascapes. Their flower and bird applique jeans are a much coveted item for any woman who loves clothes. Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele is creating these inspiring looks, which are a riot of color and textures for the modern woman, based on traditional techniques. It is likely you would need to secure some additional funding to purchase some of his clothes. If you are on a budget though, it is a great idea to repurpose the clothes you already own, with iron on embroidered applique designs. It will give your wardrobe a modern twist, and perhaps inspire you to wear clothes that you haven’t tried on in a while.

Dye your clothes

This season’s high street colors are very boho and natural looking, especially for fall. Think warm oranges, deep browns, forest greens and mustard colors. Designers are taking inspiration from natural fabrics too, like flowing cotton linens. You can easily recreate this look by dying your own clothes, using Dylon or similar. Wool, silk and cotton lend themselves particularly well to hand dying. It doesn’t matter if the color isn’t entirely uniform either, it is all part of the boho look.

Beautiful buttons

Want to give your jackets and coats a new lease of life? Simply change the buttons. You will be surprised how much difference it can make, especially if you go for something high-colored or oversized. Have a listen to Isaac Mizrahi’s TED talk on how the button changed fashion – you can’t help but be inspired. These aren’t simply a way of fastening clothes, they are design statement pieces.

You can absolutely be fashion forward on a budget, just look to the catwalk for inspiration. You can update your existing wardrobe at a fraction of the price.

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