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Fashion is not necessarily at the fore front of our lives during the current lock down situation, indeed many people are literally changing from their night pj’s into their morning pj’s, and then vice versa when night comes around again. But this is not me. As I stressed in a previous post, I choose to get dressed every day, and still share my looks to my instagram (although the hair often leaves a lot to be desired), and I have noticed movements like #dressupfridays that are also encouraging us to dress in our finery, especially if it helps our mental health to do so (sort of look better, feel better.)

What I have noticed though is the sort of things I am wearing. A case in point, I seem to be living in Clarks shoes and boots. Non of these are new buys, but they are classic designs, oh so comfortable and seem to last for years. The Carousel Ride animal print pumps are a pair I reviewed many years ago on this blog and are still going strong, whilst the cowboy style ankle boots are my absolute faves, a present from my hubby about six years ago, not only still going strong, but also seem to be getting better with age.

Living in Clarks

Clarks currently have a great sale across all its ranges, including ladies shoes and boots. There is up to 50% off all first items, plus a further 10% off if you choose to buy a second item. This offer ends on 27th April, with no code required, it is just altered at the checkout. There are some really lovely flat ballerina style shoes, glamorous kitten heels and ankle boots, but there are also some brilliant work style shoes for all the key workers who need something sturdy and comfortable as they are on their feet all day long.

My Picks of the Current Sales

Tri Clara £34.50 Click to visit Clarks
Grace Piper
Previous price£69.00 Current price£45.00 Click to visit Clarks
Couture Bloom
Previous price£45.00 Current price£29.00
Click to visit Clarks
Linvale Edyth
Previous price£49.00 Current price£29.00 Click to visit Clarks
Mila Sky
Previous price£89.00 Current price£44.50 Click to visit Clarks
Laina 55 Boot
Previous price£89.00 Current price£44.50 Click to visit Clarks
Un Cosmo Step
Previous price£75.00 Current price£37.50 Click to visit Clarks
Sift Lace
Previous price£69.00 Current price£45.00 Click to visit Clarks

View all Clarks sale here.

View Comfortable working shoes suitable for nurses here.

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