fashion shockers of the week

It’s been quite a week for Fashion, the Emmys showcased some style stunners and style disasters, Kate Moss and Topshop parted ways, and Coleen‘s new Littlewoods ad was aired for the first time. We are now counting down the days to Vogue‘s ‘fashion big night out’, the opening of Lily Allen‘s ‘Lucy in Disguise’ and to Peter Pilotto’s collection for Kipling hitting the net.

Here are a few other fashion events/happenings that have surprised me this week.

  1. I couldn’t believe just how fabulous the Marilyn Monroe – esque Kelly Osbourne looked on ‘the Emmys fashion police’. Soft blonde hair, porcelain skin, lovely white dress.  Kelly has been nursing a broken heart recently, but she now looks absolutely amazing and super stylish.
  2. What a nice change to see Paloma Faith for once NOT featured on Heat’s ‘what were you thinking?’ page. Give the girl a break. She may break the fashion rules, but she is beautiful, quirky, stylish, unique and totally original. It’s great to have a new style queen in the Isabelle Blow style, rather than another Glee clone.

    new look Kelly - single and fabulous!

  3. That harem pants have made such a comeback, and that they look so good! I last wore a pair around the same time as MC Hammer, but after seeing the fabulous range in plus size styles  available at Yours clothing, I’m seriously considering buying a pair.
  4. The 1990’s revival. From Doc Martens, minimalism all over the catwalk, Robbie Williams rejoining Take That and 1990’s supermodels still ruling the ad campaigns, it’s like the millennium never happened. Surely were not that far forward in time to be Nostalgic over the 90’s just yet?
  5. I’m most shocked that my new style crush might just be the ‘Scissor Sisters’ Ana Matronic! She looks absolutely amazing in the latest issue of In Style magazine, with gorgeous 40’s style hair and stunning new stage outfits from a range of designers including Garo Sparo and Zaldy Goco.  I just keep imagining if Louis Vuitton reshot his gorgeous Autumn/Winter campaign, but instead of featuring Natalia, Christy and Karen, it now featured Christine Hendricks, Ana Matronic and Monica Belluci. I think the only way to sum that trio up would be  – Wow!

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