Fashionable Feet

Wondering what the latest in footwear is going to be this autumn?  The key word from designers and the couture shows converted to the high street is – fun!   The over-the-top decoration of the summer styles is giving way to young, colourful, and glitzy styles, and enough choice for even the most demanding.


Leisure styles favour the trainer-teamed-with-glitter look, so check out New Look for their black star stud lace-up high-top shoes online (pictured).  Worn with slim-cut black cords, these look stunning.  Boots have gone more basic, with a return to an emphasis on the chunky country-style, and the quality of leather.  Colours are tan, dark brown and black, to complement the darker colours fashionable for your wardrobe this autumn.  Cropped length trousers are back, worn with the latest Cossack style boots, or long boots in fake snakeskin.

                                                                      Black star stud lace up hi-tops from New Look; a snip at £12!


The theme of fun is reflected in the lacing used in many of this autumn’s evening styles, to intrigue and tempt and create an eye-catching look.  Long boots have been given contrasting colour lacing to match brilliant stiletto heels, and peep-toe ankle boots  are decorated with open-fronted lacing.  The challenge will be to find the wardrobe to match!  Velvet and damask are the coming materials, so how about teaming the latest in evening footwear with black or silver grey velvet trousers, or with one of the Medieval-inspired maxi coats in golden damask, trimmed with generous amounts of artificial fox fur? The look drawn from the latest blockbuster film ‘Anna Karenina’ is going to be all the rage this winter.  Keira Knightley’s sweeping skirts, fur tippets and exquisitely chic little hats will be appearing on the high street, along with the military-influenced details of frogged embroidery on jackets and stiletto heeled ankle boots.

Not forgetting comfort – those fun, stylish but comfortable shoes that form a staple part of every woman’s wardrobe.  There are some great styles to choose from this autumn.  Ballet pumps in plain colours or embellished with fun accessories, and in floral prints, are in many collections.  Casual wedges that lengthen the leg and look fantastic on anyone are equally popular, often in dark shades of suede – tobacco brown and mole grey.  Feet are going to be fun this season!

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