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Fashionistas of Birmingham…walk this way…

If you are a Birmingham fashionista, chances are you love nothing more than a fashion show! Next Monday, 29th November, sees an extra special fashion show that is being held in support of the Lord Mayors charity’s, which this year include the Birmingham PHAB camps, and the Birmingham Stroke Association.

The fashion show is a showcase for the designs of Sulaimi Brookman. Sulaimi Brookman is a UK-based, Singapore born designer who specialises in beautiful evening wear and Bridal wear. His designs have been worn on the red carpet by stars such as Carly Stenson from Hollyoaks, and are perfect for the Glitzy, sparkly Christmas season that is almost upon us.

The special evening of high fashion is being described as ‘an evening of couture, jewellery and music’. It is being held in association with The Rogueplay Theatre company, and will take place in the Banqueting suite in the Birmingham Council House on Monday 29th November from 6.30pm. If you fancy a night of High Fashion before the pre-Christmas party frenzy, then this is the night for you. Tickets are available from and cost just £15.

For more information, contact 07746  327284

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