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Father’s Day sorted with Love 2 Read

With two weeks to go, I am continuing with my series looking at ideas for Father’s Day gifts. I have already looked at ideas for dad’s who love designer clothing and shoes, but if the dad in question is one who has no interest in that area, and will wear whatever he finds that doesn’t need ironing, then perhaps a beautiful, personalised book from Love 2 Read would be a great idea.

Love 2 Read create lovely, personalised photo books, that can also serve as simple reading books for your child, featuring high frequency words that allow them to enjoy the reading experience with the person who receives the book. The books come in a range of themes, have a glossy cover and are completely personalised, with the text and photographs being chosen by you.



The books are despatched quickly, so there is plenty of time to get your order in for this year’s Father’s Day, and I personally think these make a really lovely gift for a new dad, where you can collate those early days photographs, or for the father of a young child, who will enjoy talking about the images and reading the text together.


Joe has already given his dad his book, as it was a thank you gift for all the early and cold mornings when Pete has got up for Football practice. With the season finished, this was a great way to say thank you for being the best dad around on any day – not just father’s day. It is also a great memento to keep – those photo’s and the text freeze a moment in time that will soon be just a memory as your child grows up.


Another thing you could do with this book is to actually make it a book of dad’s photography. If your husband is a keen amateur photography, this could be a lovely tribute to his work. This could be family shots or holiday snaps, or it may even be something more professional, like wildlife photographs or landscapes taken with a trail camera. Either way, this would be a truly special gift that dad is sure to appreciate.


One book costs just £14.99, which I think is a great deal, and you can get free P&P and a reduced rate if you order more books. This is a really affordable, adorable gift idea, one that is well worth a look if you are struggling for Father’s Day inspiration.

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