Female Trail Blazers Leading The Way Featuring Angela Wei

The last few years have been strange times for women in the workplace. The growth of the ‘me too’ movement, led by the likes of actress Rose McGowan, has seen the sometimes abhorrent treatment of women in the workplace, and the threat that has been faced from the likes of predators like Harvey Weinstein, became an international story. Women have been more vocal in addressing their treatment, the times they have been used and abused, and how this has even applied to female high flyers.

It is great that these sorts of issues are now coming out into the open, but the truth is, despite the climbs that are being made, the glass ceiling is still there when it comes to women reaching the top. An article about current female executives published some rather bleak figures:

  • 1 in 5 board seats of Fortune 500 companies were held by women, and just shy of  5% of them had a woman as CEO.
  • When it comes to leadership, only 17% of marketing and ad agencies are run by women.

When it comes to women then, we are still fighting for a seat at that top table, but there are women who are blazing a trail for those who will hopefully follow. Here are a few women who we should look up to.

Angela Wei Milk

Angela Wei is one of the leading lights of the Milk group, a creative amalgamation of a creative agency, a film and photography studio, Milk make up, a digital forum, events, literally a complete guide to all that marketing entails in our modern times.

Angela has herself discussed her thoughts on women in the workplace, specifically in marketing and that has women contribute so much in the way of spending in the marketplaces, they should be better represented in the work place too, especially in the higher echelons.

She says:-

I’ve seen firsthand how the makeup of a team enhances an organization’s cultural fluency and has the powerful ability to change the way businesses function.

Suzy Batiz

A spray that you use in the toilet before you ‘go’ may not sound the stuff of dreams, but Poo Pourri, the brilliant idea that Suzy Batiz had and brought to fruition,  has transformed into a business that has sold over 60 million bottles. She was named one of the world’s wealthiest self made women by Forbes in 2017, and her simple but effective idea continues to go from strength to strength.

Susan Wojcicki 

To have Google and You Tube as part of any resume would be pretty impressive, so what about if you were the very first marketing manager for the search engine that went on to rule the world, and if that very same search engine had been created in your garage?

That is Susan Wojcicki’s story, and when the all mighty Google then took over You Tube, there was only one woman who would get the role of CEO, and that was Susan. No wonder her net worth is rumoured to be $350 million dollars.



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