Feng Shui Basics To Take Your Interiors To The Next Level.

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui uses the concept of energy flow to harmonize your environment. There are some things you can do to make your home feel more in balance and create happier energy. 

Before you focus on the spiritual energy of your home, you should make sure that the physical energy is on point. For example, can deliver heating oil to your door to keep your home warm all winter long. 

Focus on the front door

One of the concepts of Feng Shui is that the front door is the main portal of energy into your home, and as such, it should feel welcoming and have plenty of room for energy to come in. Depending on the direction your front door faces, there are different colours to tap into the energy

Clear the clutter. 

Less mess means more energy flow, so you want to ensure your space is clean and clear to optimise your energy. Get rid of anything that no longer adds value to your life, and use storage for the rest. A good way to visualise Feng Shui is to imagine energy as a flood of water that comes through your door. Imagine the path it would take and put extra focus on any areas that the water would struggle to reach. 

Increase the power

Your bed and desk should always face towards a doorway, as this increases power and minimises vulnerability. The best commanding position for your desk is not in line with the door, but as far away from it as possible. You should also never have electronics in the bedroom, as this can really drain your energy and make it a less harmonious place to sleep at night. 

Don’t let your energy get flushed away.

One super simple Feng Shui change you can make today is ensuring that your toilet seat lid is always down, and the bathroom door is closed, as this is where the water goes out of the home. The Chinese believe that water equals wealth and that energy and good fortune will come in the home through the front door, but then be flushed right away through the open toilet. 

Natural focus

An easy way to bring natural elements into your home is to have a house plant in every room. In some rooms, such as the bathroom, or a darker bedroom, you might have to choose specific plants that thrive in that environment. In every room, air and natural light should be able to get in as easily and abundantly as possible. Large windows are great for Feng Shui. 

As you can see, the basics of Feng Shui are really simple to integrate into your life, and if you enjoy the effects it has, there are so many other Feng Shui concepts that you could include too. Ultimately, your home should feel open and light, clean, and clutter-free, with real thought considered when choosing where to place large pieces of furniture. 

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