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Festival Fever – No Thanks!

When it comes to festivals, it is safe to say I am now firmly on the side of 6 out of 10 magazine and their stance in the article ´Why festivals aren´t for me´.

Now, I am the first to admit that Kate Moss and her crew of super cool friends still look amazing glamping in their Winnebago´s, complete with their own toilet and home comforts. And yes, the music is still super exhilarating in its brilliance. I am so looking forward to the Goddess that is Florence Welch headlining this Friday night. But I will be just as happy to watch it on the TV in my Menorcan hotel (blessed with all BBC channels) rather than actually experiencing it at Glastonbury.

Glastonbury Festival

Why? Well there´s the British Weather for a start. If I wanted to bathe waist high in mud, I would make sure it had some theraputic or beauty properties first – maybe in a Turkish mudbath? British festivals are well known for mud, rain and storms, it just seems the mention of the word ´festival´ seems to turn the best British Summer into Monsoon season!

glast1.jpg (540×405)

And then there´s the toilet situation. The 6 out of  10 article hits the nail firmly on the head when it says ¨…It is insane how much of my festival hate is urinary based´. There are the portaloos filled so high you literally rise when you sit down on them. The obligatory peeing in a bottle, and then throwing it (if it´s cold it´s beer, if it´s warm it´s pee…) is a sad but true fact when you have found yourself a good space and don´t want to lose it. Why would we pay good money to put ourselves through a urine soaking?

Glastonbury_Festival_2011.jpg (1024×575)

Then there´s injuries. Pryers Solicitors have produced a great infographic of festival injuries that you can also view on the 6 out of 10 page. Falling whilst crowd surfing, being hit by flying objects, slips, trips, falls and all manner of crushes just add to the absolute ´fun´of festivals.

When you put it all together, maybe it is best to enjoy it all from the comfort of your armchair, with a clean toilet just a step away…


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