F&F launch New season range

F&F Clothing are today launching their fabulous new collection, which is being promoted with some very cool imagery. The collection contains wide leg trousers, elongated waistcoats that have surely been influenced by Victoria Beckham, and a black dress that will surely become a staple of many holiday wardrobes come summer.

Colours are stark, a palette of white, black and khaki that give the collection a feel that borders on ‘Out of Africa’ merged with Lauren Hutton’s safari style. The wide leg trousers owe more to the Wallis Simpson 1930s look than the 70s flares and bell bottoms that are on display everywhere else this season. Whilst the striking look with the bandeau tops may not be for everyone, imagine teaming the trousers with fuss free silk shirts, or short sleeved cashmere jumpers. This look would take you stylishly through spring.

My favourite piece is the classic mackintosh in khaki green. I love this as an alternative to cream or beige, and the slightly slouchy style means that this would look just as good belted over jeans, as it would worn over your little black dress.


lh safari


Victoria Beckham, wearing a long sleeveless jacket, arrives back in London after attending Paris Fashion Week

The Collection





ffss15dThe collection is hitting stores from today, and will also be available online.  Prices range from £22 for the trousers, to £38 for the trenchcoat. The bandeau (if you are brave enough!) is just £5. This collection offers something a little different from the 70s trend that is dominating this season, and I think it is well worth a look!

You can visit F&F.com by clicking here.

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8 thoughts on “F&F launch New season range

    • I think it is all about adapting the look to make it wearable and practical – the trousers are great.

  1. This range is like 70’s but simplified. Perfect for those of us who are avid trend followers but not brave enough to embrace it fully … I love the khaki trenchcoat myself!xx

    • The trenchcoat is my fave too, and certainly on my shopping list for Spring.

    • It is totally everywhere this season – not sure if I’m quite ready for flared jeans yet though…

    • It is an unusual range that I think will look great on. Thanks for commenting.

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