Find Beautiful Pendants With Chains That You’ve Always Wanted

Did you know that the earliest pendants were worn thousands of years ago and were made of stone? They often held spiritual and cultural significance while also being designed to please the eye. Since then, the charm of pendants has not died out, and pendants with chains are super popular even today!

This is because of many reasons; one of the top reasons that add to the charm of pendants with chains is that they are dainty and easy to style. You can get this piece of jewellery if you are a college-going student, a homemaker, or an office going woman, as a pendant with a chain would be suitable for almost every setting.

You can start shopping for stylish pendants with chains at Mia by Tanishq- your one-stop shop for everything jewellery. The designs you would find here are truly one-of-a-kind and leave you wanting more. Since there are a lot of designs that they have to offer, you can take your time and browse through all the options before choosing the perfect pendant with a chain for you.

Here are some designs from Mia by Tanishq that can inspire you to start investing in dainty and super unique pendants with chains for women.

Blooming Flower

Pendants with chains are a fairly common jewellery piece, and finding a unique design can be difficult, so this pendant is perfect for adding a fresh touch to your look. We all know that the flower motif has been extensively used in feminine jewellery because it looks beautiful and is an enticing appeal. 

This pendant with chain consists of a concentric floral design, with a trail of gorgeous pink stones at the centre to give it a super unique touch. The pink highlight gives this pendant with a chain the perfect look for a cocktail party.

This piece can be styled with an off-the-shoulder top and some flared jeans for when you are out on the town with your girls!

Moscow Mule

Who doesn’t like to look bold and beautiful? With this one-of-a-kind gold pendant with chain you can look more impressive. Not only does the gold shine through to make you the belle of the ball, but the orange and pink stones also ensure that you stand apart from the crowd.

This quirky pendant with chain of nested circles is filled with purple and orange stones that hang from a delicate yellow gold chain. The combination of these hues makes for a statement piece that can be donned with both western and Indian attires. 

This pendant with chain can be styled with your favourite Indian salwar kameez for an added touch of gold to light up your attire.

Pendant With Chain: Where to Shop From?

Pendants with chains are quite easy to find since they are a common piece of accessories worn by women of all ages. They can also be worn for several occasions since they are simple to style and never overpower your outfit. 

You can find bad-quality jewellery from a number of online stores, but they would break easily and fade with time. Thus, when you buy pendants with chains, you must browse through jewellers to find one that is trusted and credible to ensure that the jewellery you invest in lasts you for years to come. 

To find unique designs of pendants with chains, you should check out the collection of Mia by Tanishq since they have the latest designs suited for modern women’s lifestyles. You will surely find a pendant with a chain that you would love and will be your companion for years to come. 

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