Finding Learning Opportunities Within the Home

There are opportunities to learn in virtually everything a child does, not just academically but also on a personal level. I have teamed up with a co-educational school in Surrey to explore this notion in detail, while also offering some tips for parents on how they can help their children with home learning while schools are closed.

Prepare a Study Area

If you haven’t already, make sure your child has a suitable area to study and carry out some creative tasks where there are limited distractions. Believe it or not, providing your child with the appropriate tools to do their schoolwork will contribute to helping them succeed. They should have all their study supplies within reach so that they don’t have to keep interrupting their tasks to find a pen or a ruler. What’s more, the study space should be well-lit, preferably by natural light, to reduce the likelihood of eye strain and headaches.


Home Schooling may all be new to you, so it is worth doing a bit of research into hints and tips that could make the job easier and may help you to settle into a routine that works for you and your child. Ideas for activities, lesson starters and trouble shooting problems may all be available for you online.

Seek Opportunities to Learn

Most parents struggle to keep young children entertained 24/7, but there are probably more opportunities to learn within your home than you first thought. You could bake a cake with your child and ask them to measure the ingredients, converting between metric and imperial units. On an evening, you could find an educational documentary to watch as a family, during which you should encourage questions. Encourage your child to read and help them explore their creative side by asking them to write an alternative ending to the novel, or even a book review.

There are plenty of online resources when it comes to learning, so take advantage of these if you’re struggling to find the tools in your home. Many public and independent schools have uploaded various learning tools to their websites, so you can print off some worksheets for your kids and mark them after. You might find a create vlog, which teaches crafting projects in a step-by-step manner.

Praise their efforts 

If you see your child putting a lot of effort into a piece of work or a project, be sure to say “well done” and let them know you’re proud of them. Applauding your child when they display certain behaviours that you approve of is the easiest way to get them to repeat the behaviour. 

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